Pokemon Go: Sponsored gifts to appear in-game over the course of play

These will be relevant to player location

Pokemon Go has seen a recent influx of several small updates and the game’s developers Niantic have confirmed that the players in-game may start seeing sponsored gifts appear over the course of their play-through. This new feature aims to increase ad revenue while simultaneously providing benefits to players. Read on to know more about these sponsored gifts, how you can access them as well as the restrictions in place for sponsored gifts.

Sponsored gifts and Normal gifts – What’s the difference?

Pokemon Go already has existing gifts feature present in-game. These gifts are sent from one trainer to another and usually among friends. Gifts in Pokemon Go contain items that are normally much more valuable than the ones found by spinning Pokeshops. Players can only send one gift to a friend per day and there is a limit of receiving 20 gifts per day There are no restrictions as to who or what type of players can receive these gifts.

Sponsored gifts appearing with a message in Pokemon Go

On the other hand, sponsored gifts cannot be sent from one trainer to another. Instead, they are randomly given away to players when visiting gyms, Pokeshops or when they complete a raid. Moreover, a player using a child account will not be eligible for receiving a sponsored gift, even if permission for granting the account access to sponsored content is available. Tapping on the sponsored gift will reveal the name of the company sponsoring the player along with the logo.

Limit of receiving the gifts

There is also a limit on the number of sponsored gifts a player can receive daily. There is also no guarantee that a player would receive a sponsored gift every time they enter a gym or a Pokeshop. Players also have the option to not receive sponsored gifts. They can do so by going to the settings menu and clicking on deselecting “Show Sponsored Gifts”. Last but not the least, a player can also report any type of inappropriate content found in the sponsor message. The report will be sent to Niantic who will take swift action against the culprits.

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