Pokémon Unite announces new Ranked Season 17 and Battle Pass Season 21

A new Pokémon Unite Ranked Season (Season 17) has begun, along with a new Battle Pass Season 21 being released for the Unite players. In this article, we will find out when Ranked Season 17 ends, and the rewards that players will get for climbing through ranks in the current ranked season. As the new Battle Pass Season 21 debuts, we will also be taking a look at the kind of rewards available for players to obtain! Let us break down the Ranked Season 17 and Battle Pass Season 21 of Pokémon Unite in detail.

Pokémon Unite Ranked Season 17: Rewards

Starting from the 17th of January, 2024, the Ranked season would end on the 27th of February, 2024.

Rewards Per Rank

Season 17 Battle Pass Season 21
Image via The Pokémon Company
(Beginner: Class 2) 1000 Aeos Tickets
(Great: Class 4) 1500 Aeos Tickets
(Expert: Class 5) 1500 Aeos Tickets
(Veteran: Class 5) 2000 Aeos Tickets
(Ultra: Class 5)UNITE Ranked Set White and Blue Colour (Season 17)
(Master 1200)Background (Season 17) and 500 Aeos Tickets
(Master 1400)Snapshot Frame (Season 17) and 500 Aeos Tickets
(Master 1600)Sticker (Season 17) and 500 Aeos Tickets

Pokémon Unite Ranked Season 17: Tips to remember

We will discuss some tips for the players who are all set to grind and climb higher in the Ranked ladder during Season 17 in Pokémon Unite.

  • For the first few days or weeks, one must avoid playing Solo in the Ranked matches. The battles become too hard and filled up with AFKs for some reason whatsoever.
  • Always stick with the team, and the best option is to play with friends as teammates.
  • Maintain team synergy in every game and use relevant moves and builds as recommended in our guides.

Pokémon Unite Battle Pass Season 21: Rewards

Season 21 Rewards
Image via The Pokémon Company

Season 21 of the Battle Pass in Pokémon Unite for the Nintendo Switch and Mobile has brought new Trainer Outfits and Holowear for Pokémon, Snorlax, and Gardevoir. Do read on to know more about Season 21’s duration, all the rewards for every level, holowears, trainer outfits, all missions, and everything else.


Start DateJanuary 15th, 2024
End DateFebruary 26th, 2024

Battle Pass 21: Rewards

The current Battle Pass has the theme of Stage Style, and it has a celebration-like theme. The relevant rewards are as follows:

BP Level 1 to 10

1Stage Style: Snorlax
240 Aeos Coins
310 Item Enhancers
41 Rank Protection Card
5200 Aeos Coins
65 Item Enhancers
760 Aeos Tickets
830 Aeos Tickets
910 Item Enhancers
10Stage Set: Headwear

BP Level 11 to 20

115 Item Enhancers
1260 Aeos Tickets
135 Item Enhancers
1460 Aeos Tickets
155 Item Enhancers
1610 Item Enhancers
1760 Aeos Tickets
18200 Aeos Coins
195 Item Enhancers
20Sticker (Stage Style)

BP Level 21 to 30

2130 Aeos Tickets
22 60 Aeos Tickets
235 Item Enhancers
2460 Aeos Tickets
2540 Aeos Coins
2610 Item Enhancers
2730 Aeos Tickets
2810 Item Enhancers
295 Item Enhancers
30Frame Stage Style)

BP Level 31 to 40

315 Item Enhancers
3260 Aeos Tickets
335 Item Enhancers
34100 Aeos Coins
355 Item Enhancers
361 Rank Protection Card
3730 Aeos Tickets
3860 Aeos Tickets
395 Item Enhancers
40Silver Emblem Box

BP Level 41 to 50

4130 Aeos Tickets
4210 Item Enhancers
4330 Aeos Tickets
4410 Item Enhancers
455 Item Enhancers
4660 Aeos Tickets
475 Item Enhancers
4860 Aeos Tickets
4930 Aeos Tickets
50Coloured Contact Lenses (Light Blue)

BP Level 51 to 60

515 Item Enhancers
5260 Aeos Tickets
535 Item Enhancers
5410 Item Enhancers
555 Item Enhancers
561 Rank Protection Card
575 Item Enhancers
5860 Aeos Tickets
595 Item Enhancers
60Gold Emblem Box

BP Level 61 to 70

6130 Aeos Tickets
6260 Aeos Tickets
635 Item Enhancers
6460 Aeos Tickets
6540 Aeos Coins
6610 Item Enhancers
6730 Aeos Tickets
6810 Item Enhancers
695 Item Enhancers
70Background (Stage Style)

BP Level 71 to 80

715 Item Enhancers
7260 Aeos Tickets
735 Item Enhancers
74100 Aeos Coins
755 Item Enhancers
7610 Item Enhancers
7730 Aeos Tickets
7860 Aeos Tickets
795 Item Enhancers
80Stage Set: Top and Bottom

BP Level 81 to 90

8130 Aeos Tickets
8210 Item Enhancers
8330 Aeos Tickets
8410 Item Enhancers
855 Item Enhancers
8660 Aeos Tickets
875 Item Enhancers
8860 Aeos Tickets
8930 Aeos Tickets
90Hair Color (Azure)

BP Level 91 to 100

915 Item Enhancers
9260 Aeos Tickets
935 Item Enhancers
9410 Item Enhancers
955 Item Enhancers
9660 Aeos Tickets
975 Item Enhancers
9860 Aeos Tickets
995 Item Enhancers
100Dark Lord Style (Y): Gardevoir

BP Level 110 and above

From here, rewards will only be given out at every 10 levels. The current limit is at Level 200.

110Dark Lord Set (Green): Headwear
120Silver Emblem Box
130Silver Emblem Box
140Gold Emblem Box
150Stage Set (Blue): Top and Bottom
160Stage Set (Peach Pink): Headwear
170Silver Emblem Box
180Silver Emblem Box
190Gold Emblem Box
200Stage  Set (Peach Pink): Top and Bottom

Total Currency Rewards

ItemsFree Battle PassPremium Battle PassDifference
Aeos Tickets4501670+1220
Item Enhancers155295+140
Aeos Coins120720+600
Rank Protection Card13+2

The free version of the battle pass already gives a total of 450 Aeos Tickets, 155 Item Enhancers, and 120 Aeos Coins. Buying the Battle Pass will give an additional 1220 Aeos Tickets, 140 Item Enhancers, 600 Aeos Coins, Rank Protection Cards, and some Boost Emblem Boxes that contain random Pokemon Boost Emblems!

Battle Pass Premium Plus: Extra Rewards

Pokémon Unite Battle Pass Season 21 Premium Plus
Image via The Pokémon Company
Premium Pass Plus Extra Rewards
+25 Battle Pass LevelsSticker (Dark Lord Style: Gardevoir)

In addition to getting 25 free Battle Pass Levels, players are also going to be rewarded with an exclusive Stage Style: Gardevoir when they purchase the Premium Pass Plus instead of the usual Premium Pass!

Battle Pass Premium: Worth buying or not

A paid Battle Pass is worth it if one is a fan of either Snorlax or Gardevoir because players are going to be getting their special, limited edition Holowears on purchasing the Battle Pass. In addition, they are also going to get additional rewards if they reach past level 100! However, two additional Rank Protection Cards might seem sumptuous to some.

However, the Premium Pass is not worth enough to buy, as per our judgment. Although players can get 25 free levels, those rewards are easy enough to get, if one plays Pokémon Unite regularly.

Pokémon Unite Battle Pass Season 21: Missions

Daily Missions

Pokémon Unite Battle Pass Season 21 Missions
Image via The Pokémon Company

Daily missions are reset every day at 5 p.m. PST. This will end the missions from the previous day. These are the possible mission types and their rewards for Daily Missions:

Daily Missions: Types

Mission(s)BP Points
Log in a total of 1 day20
Win 1 battle20
Participate in 1 battle20
Participate in a ranked match 1 time20
Participate in 1 quick battle20
Participate in 1 battle with a friend20
Defeat either Regice, Registeel, Regirock, or Drednaw a total of 1 time20
Defeat either Regieleki or Rotom a total of 1 time20
Use the superjump springboard a total of 2 times20
Use a Unite Move 2 times20
Make a total of 5 assists20
Block a total of 1 goal20
Score a total of 100 points20
Score a total of 3 goals20
Defeat a total of 20 wild Pokemon20
Knock out a total of 3 opposing Pokemon20
Use quick chat 1 time20
Exchange energy for energy rewards 2 times (Premium)20
Pick up a total of 2 Sitrus Berries to restore HP (Premium)20

Weekly Missions

Missions are reset every Sunday at 5 PM PST. This will end the missions from the previous week, but rewards for completed missions can still be claimed.

Week 8

The following are mission types and their rewards for the eighth week of Season 20:

MissionsBP Points
Log in a total of 1 day80
Participate in 1 quick battle80
Knock out a total of 6 opposing Pokemon80
Score a total of 6 goals80
Block a total of 3 goals80
Exchange energy for energy rewards 3 times80
Log in a total of 1 day100
Participate in 1 battle with a friend100
Participate in 3 battles with Pokemon of different roles100
Participate in a Ranked battle 1 time100
Defeat either Rayquadas or Zapdostotal of 3 times120
Participate in 5 battles with the following role: Attacker120
Knock out a total of 10 opposing Pokemon (Premium)400
Defeat either Rayquadas or Zapdostotal 3 times400
 Participate in a Ranked battle 3 times 100(Premium)400
Total Points Earned (+ Premium Points)1120 (+1200)

Season Missions

Season Missions will last throughout the entire Battle Pass season. The season will end on the 15th of January 2024, at around midnight UTC.

MissionsBP Points
Participate in 5 battles200
Participate in 10 battles200
Participate in 15 battles200
Participate in 25 battles200
Participate in 30 battles200
Participate in a ranked match 5 time200
Participate in a ranked match 10 times200
Win 5 battles200
Win 10 battles200
Score a total of 1,000 points200
Log in a total of 25 days300
Defeat either Rayquaza or Zapdos a total of 10 times300
Score a total of 2,500 points300
Defeat a total of 100 wild Pokemon300
Participate in 40 battles300
Participate in 5 battles with Pokemon of different roles300
Participate in 5 battles with a friend300
Use a UNITE Move 70 times (Premium)800
Defeat either Rayquaza or Zapdos a total of 10 times4100
Total Points Earned (+ Premium Points)3600 (+1600)

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of missions to play, a lot of rewards to claim, and a lot of grinding to be done for the Ranked Season 17. Although not worth spending money on, Battle Pass missions are a boon to level up in the game and progress further.

What are your thoughts on the Pokémon Unite Ranked Season 17 Battle Pass Season 21? Let us know in the comment section below!

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