Pokémon UNITE dev letter explains the matchmaking system

Its clear now but still is it fair?

The Matchmaking system is what bothers most of the players until they reach the Master Rank in Pokemon UNITE MOBA. Several opinions always revolve around the type of teammates one gets, and how the game itself is responsible for the streak of defeats for many. However, now the entire Pokemon Unite team in a dev letter has minutely explained how their matchmaking system works. They sincerely hope that the several doubts they receive at their end due to this Matchmaking Policy would now receive a clarification. Here’s what that letter had to say:

Pokémon UNITE uses the concept of MMR in its Matchmaking Policy

MMR (Matchmaking Rating) is something that controls matchmaking in the game. It is a combination of factors like win rate, number of consecutive wins, and current rank. Both teams are matched together based on the quantity of the MMR.

After a certain amount of time, if they can’t find a player with the same MMR level, they widen their matching parameters to find more possible teammates and opponents. This allows them to optimize the level of balance within and between teams to ensure a fair environment for all players, as per their claim.

Impact of the MMR Policy on the in-game matchmaking system

According to the developers, with the application of the MMR, in more than 96% of all matches, the team composition within both teams is fair. Also, in more than 80% of the cases, players receive equivalent opponent teams. The following pillar diagram might establish the facts a bit.

Pokémon Unite Matchmaking Policy MMR
Image via The Pokémon Company

You can see that in addition, the data on the matching system confirms that there is no or almost no skill difference between the two teams in more than 80% of all matches when comparing skills between opposing teams.

Additional changes to the in-game Points system

To improve the playing experience, they have changed the formula for earning and losing Master Points. As your player rank increases, the number of points removed will decrease. “This change not only allows Master Points to more accurately reflect a player’s skill but also leads to improved matching accuracy“, according to the developers.

Not only that but also, they’ve changed the matching logic for Ranked Matches to keep the difference in rank between players within the same team to within 2 ranks, except when playing in a party of 5. Similarly, when forming a party of 2 or 3 players, they also limit players to be within 2 ranks of each other to ensure the fairest match possible, according to their claims.

Furthermore, they have also claimed that they’ve made changes to fair play points. If a player quits playing during a match, their Fair Play Points will be reduced, and the lower the total Fair Play Points, the lower their matching priority. Also, they have improved the detection accuracy of passive play, such as using skills to avoid being detected by the system, even though the player has actually abandoned the match. They have assured they will continue to work on improving detection accuracy.

The devs promise to provide fair matchmaking in the future

Still, matchmaking isn’t favorable for everyone, hence the developers have promised to continue their research on how to improve the gaming experience further. Also, they have plans to adjust the width of the rank reset at the end of the season, hoping that this will ease the difference in ability at the start of the new season. Hence, gamers may expect better days coming to Pokemon Unite in the ‘not very distant‘ future.

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