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Postknight 2 announces Greater Heights update with new in-game content and features

A new chapter, full of many improvements.

Postknight 2 will be releasing the Greater Heights major update. This massive update will include many new content, features, and improvements. Among the additions are new language options. The game will be introducing a brand new country from the world of Prism: the land of the Wise Aegles, Quivtol.

Players will travel through ancient roads in the treetops, and explore a mighty fortress of crystal to fight demons of doubt and memories of sorrow. Postknight 2’s Greater Heights Major Update will arrive on Android and iOS, starting with the release of v1.3 – The Treetops of Sagacia on August 2nd, 2022, followed by v1.4 – The Fortress of Regalle on September 20th, 2022.

Postknight 2 Greater Heights update v1.3: The Treetops of Sagacia

To help launch a new Postknight branch in Quivtol, Larielle the Aegle has arrived and asked the players for assistance. Sagacia Forest was their first stop. The Aegles and Humans formerly engaged in combat in the Sagacia Forest. The Lower Aegles continue to live in covert towns hung among the treetops even after many centuries. They even rely on the forest spirits, who have shielded them from outsiders. However, a Dark Demon stalks the Sagacia Forest’s shadows.

The Treetops of Sagacia brings new characters, faunas, and pets to Postknight 2

In Sagacia, a brand-new chapter of the Postknight 2 adventure, there are many new characters to deliver to, opponents to defeat, a new bond to form, and pets to engage with. The majority of magic in Quivtol is wind magic, hence many of the animals there will use wind or flight. The Great War had left behind enemies of the elemental kind, such as the Sylph. Even more intelligent adversaries might know how to employ explosives. Additionally to new items to acquire and use, there are also new armory sets that can be upgraded with special additional effects.

New Environment 

High amid Forest’s treetops, the secret villages of Sagacia are constructed on roads that are suspended in the air. The Lower Aegles’ long-standing cultural values are permeated across several structures. The Lower Aegles are protected from those who lurk in the darkness below, but they are plagued by mistrust and continual doubt.

New Characters

Lower Aegles are obstinate, haughty individuals with firm opinions. However, their viewpoints continue to differ. While some Aegles will view players as unreliable outsiders, others will view them as dependable employees. To earn their trust and learn the real truth about Sagacia, players must get to know each of them and consider their viewpoints.

Postknight 2 Greater Heights in-game update
Image via Kurechii

New Enemies and Revamped Weapons

The diverse movesets of the adversaries in Sagacia will make players reevaluate their combat tactics. Additionally, there is a brand-new status condition called Bind that presents players with additional obstacles to overcome. Many modern armory sets have effects that are incredibly rare. Heavy weapons have been revamped to add more interesting and fun gameplay. Visual effects have been improved across the board for many enemies, Armoury Set effects, and more.


The Zenkoban and the Monyeet are two new pets that have been added to the Prism Pets roster in this release. A Premium Pet that increases Gold Gain in combat is the calm Zenkoban. For a short period of time, it will be available for purchase in the Premium Market; then, it will be sold through Prism Pets.
A pet from Sagacia that increases critical damage in combat is the cheeky Monyeet. Prism Pets will be the place where you may buy it.

Postknight 2 Greater Heights update v1.4: The Fortress of Regalle

The Postknights arrive in Regalle City, the Capital City, after passing through Quivtol. It was formerly a solid fortification, but today the Higher Aegles live there, including Queen Vega, the Monarch of Quivtol. They have technology that is significantly superior to Sagacia’s, and the inhabitants are content with their lives. To persuade the Queen to approve the creation of a new Postknight Branch, players will need to collaborate with Larielle and other Aegles. However, the ghosts of the past obstruct their progress.

Players Decide Regalle’s Premium Pet in Postknight 2

On our social platforms, we have built an incredible community over the past few years. To show our appreciation, we established a Pet Poll to allow the neighborhood to choose a new Premium Pet. Participating in the game improved players’ involvement and contributed to the creation of excitement for the Greater Heights update.

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