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Postknight 2 announces Turning Tides update with new in-game content and features

Unveil Wastelands Secrets, Halt the Oncoming War!

Postknight 2 Turning Tides was officially launched. Players have the opportunity to acquire the most recent edition of the game from the App Store, Google Play, and Huawei AppGallery. They can explore a fresh desert environment, a region previously uncharted in the Prism universe, featuring novel adversaries and a wealth of additional content and functionality. This update also introduces new languages for players to enjoy.

Unveil the mysteries of an unforgiving land in Postknight 2 Turning Tides

Dark Postknight, known for its mysterious demeanor, is embarking on an epic journey alongside the passionate Postknight, Almond, and the idealistic Wyord Wayfinder named Rho’don. Together, they are venturing through the harsh Helix Wastelands in search of a hidden artifact buried deep within the desert.

Despite the perilous reputation of Helix, said to be an uninhabitable land fraught with danger at every turn, the Wyords and indigenous creatures have evolved to become resilient and tenacious over time.

Postknight 2 Turning Tides Battle
Image via Kurechii

This land, however, holds numerous enigmatic secrets, and as the player and their companions delve deeper into the Wastelands, they will not only uncover the sought-after artifact but also unravel the intricate histories of Helix itself. In this unforgiving environment, these companions are on a journey of self-discovery beyond their predetermined destinies.

Postknight 2 Turning Tides update brings exciting new features and rewards

Besides the end-game storyline and area, there are also features that all players can enjoy:-

  • The much-beloved Division Campaign from the original Postknight, a competition between Divisions, makes a comeback with newer and better features, where players expand their Postknight team by hiring Team Recruits to help them complete quests.
  • Show off their Postknight Rank, best outfits, and armor to their friends when customizing an online profile.
  • Befriend the mystical Sand Angel and derpy Golpy as faithful pets throughout their Postknighting escapades.
  • Plus tons of quality-of-life features (including upgraded battle experiences), UI and UX improvements, and more to elevate their delivering adventure.

In honor of the release, Kurechii plans to offer Coins, Crystal Gems, and various unique rewards during a two-week-long event! The generosity doesn’t end with these gifts, as Kurechii intends to introduce fresh content and features through regular updates, kicking off with events such as Hollow’s Eve and Wintertide.

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