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Princess Connect! Re: Dive: April 2021 Update brings new character Misato, Clan Battle and more

It's time for a round of updates, Knights!

Princess Connect Re: Dive April 2021 update will introduce a new Character of Misato. Misato belongs to the ranks of Support Class with her healing and buffing abilities. Her Union Burst (UB) recovers HP for your allies and her skills provide Magic Attack and Defense boost. She will be a solid choice for a Mage Comp. Misato’s Focus Gacha Banner will arrive on the 11th of April at 23:00 UTC and will last until the 28th of April at 22:59 UTC.

Aside from her being in rate-up, this banner will also feature Aoi and Hatsune, the other members of Guild Forestier. All of them will have increased rates and can be unlocked by Character Exchange Points. In case one still doesn’t have Hatsune, it’s a good time to pull for her. She is a solid PvP unit.

April 2021 Update: Clan Battle, exciting quests with increased drop rates

Aside from the New Character banner, Area 11 of Main Quest will also get unlocked. Players will need to travel to the Genua Desert. As one progresses through the stages of Area 11, you will gain gears to rank up your units to Rank 9-3. Along with the normal stages, the hard stages will also get unlocked in time. Gradually, one can farm them to obtain Eriko, Lima and Shizuru’s Memory Shards. The level cap will also increase from the current 88 to 93. Chapter 6 of the main story will also get unlocked and one can watch up to Episode 7. Additionally, New furniture will be added to the Guild House’s Furniture Shop.

Starting from April 20th, 1:00 PM UTC, each player will get a free daily 10-draw to pull on Focus Gacha, so make sure to log in daily to claim them. This will continue until April 29th at 12:59 PM UTC.

April’s Clan Battle

Princess Connect Re: Dive will also introduce April’s Clan Battle. This will start from the 12th of April, 13:00 UTC until the 17th of April, 07:59 UTC. Players need to team up with their clan members and defeat extremely powerful bosses to win memory shards, clan coins, and jewels. The overall clan’s performance will determine your clan’s ranking.

Princess Connect Re: Dive April 2021 Update
Work with your clan members in the April Clan Battle

Last but not least, Princess Connect Re: Dive will have Normal Quest and Hard Quest with a 2x drop rate in the April 2021 Update. This means drops from stage clear will have a double quantity of Mana, Gears, and skip tickets. Normal Quest 2x Drop will start from 12th of April at 13:00 UTC to 20th of April at 12:59 UTC, and Hard Quest 2x Drop from 20th of April 13:00 UTC to 24th of April at 12:59 UTC. This is a perfect opportunity to upgrade your characters and rank them up. The new stage, level cap increase, and Chapter 6 of the main story will be available from 11th of April, 13:00 UTC.

What do you think about the April 2021 Update of Princess Connect Re: Dive? Let us know in the comment section below!

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