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Project ME enters early access by invitation for Android and iOS

Be sure to register for the early access!

Project ME, the new open-world RPG developed by Panthea Games and published by Nuverse is all but set to enter the early access stage which will be accessible via invitation from the developers. In this article, we will discuss how players can register for early access to the game, which will be released on Android and iOS.

Project ME aims to deliver a post-apocalyptic base-building experience

The game, Project ME, announced recently by the developers will take the players on a journey to abandoned lands where players will be required to start over in life and manage to survive in the wastelands. There will be a need to build and develop a settlement for attracting new settlers from the outer walls and make them settle in your camp. Eventually, the settlement would turn into a town and later a civilization.

Project ME early access, Project ME
Image via Panthea Games

Starting from scratch the players will get ample amount of freedom to craft and design their settlement to their heart’s content. Customizing the buildings, and exploring new areas of the map to support the existing people at home. The game will also offer an immersive storyline for the players to explore that will also help in enhancing the gaming experience.

The game has entered early access limited to invitations from the developer

Project ME has officially started the early access for the game where players would be able to have first-hand experience with what the game is all about and have an understanding of what the game will offer in terms of gameplay and the storyline. However there is a catch, the game’s early access is limited to the invitations which the developer would send out.

Project ME early access, Project ME
Image via Panthea Games

This means that the developers would decide in the end who should get access to the early version of the game to test it out. Now, whereas we can’t control who would get access to the early version, we can surely share the steps which should be followed to register for testing the game out early. Following are the steps one should follow to register for the game’s early access.

  1. Visit the official website of the game.
  2. Scroll down on the website and enter the email to register for early access. Players can also tick to receive the event information option available to stay updated on further events related to the game.
  3. Once done, the selected email will be added to the list of game testers.
  4. A confirmation email will be sent from the developer’s end regarding your successful candidature and that will confirm your participation.
  5. If successful, an email will be sent from the developer’s end on July 20th with the download link where players will be able to download the game and test it for themselves.

As stated before the game will be made available for the players to experience on both Android and iOS, interested players for the time being can follow the developers on their official Facebook group and Twitter handle to stay updated regarding the updates and one step ahead of the rest.

What are your thoughts on Project ME entering early access ahead of its release? Do let us know in the comments below!

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