Project Stars is an open-world survival sandbox title set in a fantasy world, enters early access in SEA

Project Stars to hit the sandbox gaming market after ongoing alpha tests.

Gaming developers from Xiaojiao Zhang have rolled out Project Stars for early access and alpha test, an open window sandbox game that is set in a fantasy world. Sandbox game lovers are in for a treat with Project Stars as the company aims to develop the game to its fullest potential to achieve ultimate user satisfaction. 

According to the team, Project Star features breathtaking graphics and also gives users the chance to explore the mysterious planets in the game, where they can build their own properties explore other planets, build their own vehicles to progress forward in the game.

Experiece ultimate freedom in the world of Project Stars

Xiaojiao Zhang’s team boasts that the game was built by a group of gamers who have an obsession with sandbox games. Through Project Stars, the company claims that users can experience ultimate levels of freedom, build and craft what they want, explore the fantasy land and fight to survive in it.

Project stars early access
Image via Xiaojiao Zhang

Project Stars is now open for an alpha test in several regions including Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia. The Alpha test version of the game consists of one test planet in which the users will play with all existing features where they can explore the planet, fight amongst other players, and also build.

Project Stars team has confirmed that the game data of individual players including the progress they have made and the items they have acquired throughout the Alpha test process will be deleted.

Play at your own pace in this Sandbox title

Sandbox or open-world games are a style of games that allows users to openly explore everything inside a game without any given limitations. They also do not consist of any predetermined goals or tasks that a user has to complete, instead, the user is given complete freedom to take on the game at his own pace, set their own goals, and play according to them from the start to the end of the game.

Sandbox games are famous in the gaming community because of the level of freedom the players get, which makes it easy for players to interact with the game, this allows them to be more creative and explore the game to its fullest extent.

Project Stars is an open-world survival that is expected to follow the footsteps of its predecessors and bring out the ultimate sandbox experience for mobile gamers. Residents from the above-mentioned regions can visit the Google play store to take an early sneak peek and download the Alpha test version of the game.

Are you excited about the Project Stars early access in SEA? Let us know in the comments below!

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