Project Winter Mobile to release on Android and iOS by the end of August

Pre-registration is currently open for the game!

Boltrend Games have announced the release date of their multiplayer social action game Project Winter for mobile devices. The game will be out on iOS and Android globally on August 31st, 2022. Project Winter mobile is a social deduction game, much like Among Us. It is an eight-player multiplayer game where players will take the role of either survivors or traitors. The survivors will need to survive and escape the wilderness while the traitors try to sabotage and kill them.

Project Winter Mobile is a game of betrayal and deception

The game survivors will be given a task to survive and escape the wilderness. They will need to explore the map and find crafting materials to repair and make items to survive. The primary mission of the survivors is to fix the radio in the cabin, call for help and escape in the emergency vehicle.

While the survivors will be doing tasks to survive, the role of the traitor is to sabotage the team and kill them all. The traitors will be outnumbered at the beginning of the game. They must infiltrate the survivors and sabotage the team. The traitors will also be disguised as survivors, making it easier for them to disable the team. 

Traitors can also use hatches to travel to different locations across the map without getting caught by anyone. They can also deploy traps, poison, or other tools to kill or slow down the survivors. The survivors also will need to find out who the traitor is. So it goes without saying that the traitors will do anything to prove themselves innocent. They might as well lie and pit the survivors against each other. No one can ever trust someone in this game. 

Players can start pre-registering now for the social deception game

Players need to have exceptional communication and coordination to survive and finish the task. There are several ways to communicate with other players- proximity-based voice chat, private voice chat, text, and emotes. The game will also bring customizable features. Players can buy cosmetics using the in-game currency earned after every game and use them to add some spice to the game.

The game will be released globally on iOS and Android on August 31st. Pre-registration for the game is currently ongoing for the people eagerly waiting for it. Players can pre-register for the game on Google Play Store or App Store. It is still not clear if there will be any pre-registration reward after the game is dropped globally.

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