Project X: A social sandbox MMO game is now available for early access on Android

Explore, Build & Craft in the new social sandbox of Project X

If you have been a long-time fan of games such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons or even a veteran Minecraft PE player, then Project X brings you a new flavor and twist to the same world-building game genre. Developed and published by the Finnish Dev Studio Dazzle Rocks, Project X is a one-of-a-kind social sandbox MMO that allows its players to hang out together, collect resources, and build their own homes and the game is now available for early access.

Gameplay Overview

The current version of Project X is still in the early build so you will need an access code from the developer’s waitlist to get inside the game. After installation, you will find a link to their homepage where you can get your invite!

Project X Gameplay
Project X: Gameplay

You should remember to save your Access Code (6 digits) that you were given alongside this link, and have it ready when you launch the game. It might be entered automatically, but if you are asked for a code, just enter or copy/paste and you will load into the world! Remember, You can activate the game on only one device currently.

The game was originally a tactical shooter MMO

Despite the current genre and gameplay, Project X was not initially a social sandbox MMO – instead, it was published back in 2018 as a tactical shooter MMO. The original developers of the Project X tactical shooter MMO were not Dazzle Rocks, instead, the game was being developed by UK studio Automaton Games for the SpatialOS.

The game’s title was later changed to Mavericks: Proving Grounds but its development was brought to a halt as its development studio Automaton Games suffered bankruptcy in 2019. Later, the title was picked up by Dazzle Rocks and underwent a change in genre from tactical shooter MMO to social sandbox MMO.

Project X early access gameplay

The Untouched Paradise world consists of islands where you can do the harvesting, building, and play with tools to create your own dream home and begin to craft the world around you as you see fit. Android users can get early access sneak peek of the game from Google Play here.

Progress into the game to gain deeper experiences around building and creating fun interactive or beautiful spaces for you to live, hang out, and play in. 

  • You can let your creativity and imagination run wild as you can build mini-games, obstacle courses, and other fun games.
  • Upon entering the game, you will meet Lando who will show you around to claim your own home on this paradise land. You will get to unlock blueprints from the town that will expand the range of things you can build.
  • After you build your home and the town, you will get to discover players from other worlds and see their constructions and party islands.
  • You will have 3 invites on your account, so share them with your friends and hop into this thrilling world-building adventure.

Are you excited to play Project X (available for early access)? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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