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PUBG Mobile 3.2 Beta Version Update: What’s new and how to download

Prepare to dive into a futuristic urban battlefield where strategy, agility, and technology collide!

The latest beta test for PUBG Mobile, version 3.2, revealed many exciting new features and enhancements that promise to redefine the gaming experience for its massive player base. Here’s everything new coming with the PUBG Mobile 3.2 beta version update. This article also contains information on downloading and accessing the beta version to experience all these latest features.

PUBG Mobile Beta Version 3.2 Update brings brand-new features

The latest update for PUBG Mobile, version 3.2, brings a plethora of exciting new features and enhancements that promise to redefine the gaming experience for its massive player base. This update, extensively covered in a series of YouTube presentations, underscores PUBG Mobile’s commitment to innovation and player satisfaction. Here’s everything new coming with the PUBG Mobile 3.2 update:

1. Mecha Fusion Mode

One of the most thrilling additions in the 3.2 update is the Mecha Fusion mode. This mode introduces mechas that players can control. These powerful robots offer unique abilities, including high mobility, and more advanced combat options, which will keep players in a massive advantage in gunfights.

Image via Krafton

Primarily, there will be two types of mechas in the game. These robots can partially transform and gain more attributes. The mecha can be transformed into a fully operational mode by combining different parts found around the map.

Once assembled, the robots serve multiple functions, such as providing transport, where players can ride inside them. These mecha robots also feature abilities like high jumps and electromagnetic powers, allowing them to move objects within a certain range, enhancing strategic gameplay. Players can find these robots in various parts of the map, characterized by distinctive blue and red areas.

2. New Cable Transport

Cable Transport in PUBG Mobile 3.2
Image via Krafton

The update introduces a cable transport system that allows players to move quickly between certain points on the map, adding a new layer of tactical movement. Moreover, jetpacks have been added, giving players the ability to fly over obstacles and reach advantageous positions quickly. These jetpacks have limited fuel, adding a strategic element to their use.

3. Self-Revive Capability

Self-Revive Kit in PUBG Mobile 3.2
Image via Krafton

A significant gameplay addition is the self-revive feature. Players no longer rely solely on teammates for revival; instead, they can revive themselves if knocked down, provided they have the self-revive kit in their bag. Available as ground loot, this device is consumable and requires replenishment after each use.

4. New Tactical Gear – Magnet Gun

Magnet Gun in PUBG Mobile 3.2
Image via Krafton

Players can look forward to new tactical gear, such as a magnet gun that allows for pulling or attaching objects and players from a distance, which can be used to create new combat tactics or quick escapes. This specialized weapon not only attacks mechas but can also pull them closer which offers a unique tactical advantage.

5. Jetpacks and Helicopters

Jetpacks in PUBG Mobile 3.2 Update
Image via Krafton

The update introduces Jetpacks that players wear like armor, enabling players to take flight and engage in thrilling aerial combat. There will also be helicopters that players can hop on and travel the map faster being airborne.

6. New Hot Drop Locations

new Hot Drop Locations in PUBG Mobile 3.2
Image via Krafton

The update revamps several map areas to include hot-drop locations where high-value loot is available. These futuristic-looking areas are expected to become the centers of early-game skirmishes, offering high rewards but also high risk.

7. Map Changes in PUBG Mobile 3.2 beta

The update introduces new buildings and structures, including underground canals that players can use to stealthily navigate areas or set up ambushes. Some buildings also feature automated lifting platforms that enhance vertical gameplay, allowing players to reach higher levels effortlessly.

8. 120 FPS Support

120 fps option in PUBG Mobile 3.2
Image via Krafton

For players with compatible devices, the update now supports gameplay at 120 frames per second, making the visual experience smoother and more responsive than ever. This enhancement is critical for competitive players who rely on quick, precise actions.

9. Improved User Interface

The user interface has been tweaked for better accessibility, including clearer and more intuitive navigation menus, aiming to enhance the overall user experience.

10. Additional Items and Equipment

The update includes the introduction of new items and equipment that can be found across the map, offering more diversity in gameplay and allowing players to adapt to a variety of combat situations.

11. Visual and Graphical Enhancements

The update introduces various improvements in graphics settings, including better texture resolutions and lighting effects, making the game’s visuals more immersive and realistic.

12. Enhanced Sound Effects

Sound design has been improved to provide more realistic and immersive audio cues, which are crucial for player situational awareness and strategic planning.

13. Improved Parachute Mechanics

Players jumping from high altitudes can now deploy their parachutes manually to avoid fall damage, further emphasizing the importance of strategic positioning.

Step by Step guide to download and play PUBG Mobile 3.2 Beta

How to download PUBG Mobile 3.2 Beta on Android

To download and install the PUBG Mobile 3.2 beta APK on your Android device, follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the Uptodown website, a reliable platform offering a vast catalog of apps, including the BETA PUBG MOBILE APK. You can access the official download page directly via this link.
  • Once you are on the download page, you will see the option to download the APK file, which is approximately 959.96 MB in size. Click on the ‘Download‘ button.
  • After the download is complete, open the APK file. If this is your first time installing an APK directly, your device might ask you to enable installation from unknown sources. This can usually be done by going to your device’s settings, then to ‘Security‘, and toggling on the option for installing apps from unknown sources.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to install the game. After installation, the PUBG Mobile beta version should be available on your device’s app drawer or home screen.
  • Open the game and log in with your account to start enjoying the new features and updates in the PUBG Mobile 3.2 beta.

Final Thoughts

These features highlight PUBG Mobile’s ongoing commitment to enhancing player experiences and maintaining its position as a leader in the mobile gaming industry. The update is not just about adding content but also about refining the gameplay mechanics to offer a more engaging and balanced environment for all players. With these updates, PUBG Mobile continues to set the standard for mobile battle royale games, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on mobile platforms.

What are your thoughts about the upcoming features coming with the PUBG Mobile 3.2 Beta Version Update? Let us know in the comments below!

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