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PUBG Mobile crossbow weapon is getting a major revamp in the upcoming update

A much needed change!

The upcoming update for PUBG Mobile will bring a significant overhaul to the crossbow weapon. The 2.8 Dev Log Session 1 that arrived recently gave us a good look into what the Crossbow is going to revamp into in PUBG Mobile, and it is looking very good indeed.

The use case and popularity of the Crossbow have been a concern for a while

Well, we all know how devastating the Crossbows can be, but the usage ate is something that’s in question. Excluding shotguns, the crossbow boasts the third-highest damage among all weapons, trailing only the AMR and AWM. Nevertheless, its reload speed, bolt travel velocity, and bolt drop present challenges in mastering its usage, demanding exceptional player skills. Consequently, due to the difficulty in hitting shots accurately, the crossbow has limited usage.

The team has been actively gathering feedback to enhance the usability of crossbows and enable a broader player base to experience this unique yet underutilized weapon. The goal is to increase its popularity among players. A significant challenge associated with the crossbow has been its minimal room for error, leading to a reduced likelihood of success for players.

The Crossbow will now have a blast area damage in PUBG Mobile

Consequently, the developers aimed to tackle this issue and render the crossbow viable in various scenarios. Their approach involved retaining the basic attributes of the crossbow while ensuring its shots were more accurate. To achieve this, they have fine-tuned the damage range. This adjustment is intended to ensure that even if a shot didn’t strike the target directly, it would still have an impact.

Crossbow in PUBG Mobile
Image via Krafton

Additionally, they plan to introduce a gunpowder attachment that could trigger a delayed explosion within the weapon’s blast radius after impact. To put it simply, instead of just causing damage to a single target, it now has the ability to inflict damage in an area. The further away from the explosion, the less damage it deals. This modification will undergo testing in the beta version first.

Depending on the results obtained from this testing, adjustments will be made as needed. Moreover, the developers are also considering the potential for further changes to enhance the crossbow’s performance. Without a doubt, this revamp is a significant advancement in not only improving Crossbow as a weapon in PUBG Mobile but also providing a great chance for players to use it without worry.

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