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PUBG: New State announces its first brand collaboration with Rimac

World's top EV Hyper car comes to PUBG New State!

PUBG: New State, the latest game by Krafton in the PUBG franchise, will be getting its first collaboration since release, as per the official announcement. The collaboration is with Rimac Automobili, a Croatian electric car and component manufacturer renowned for their electronic sports cars. Rimac also held the record for the fastest electrically powered production vehicle called the Concept One. In this article, we will cover all the different details which have been unraveled with the announcement of the PUBG New State x Rimac collaboration.

PUBG New State x Rimac collaboration

The collaboration will take place via the addition of one or more car skins corresponding to real-life models of the Rimac company which will be available in-game. The skin will not be any other skin though, it will come in the form of an ultramodern electric hypercar which is supposedly the best of its category in the world. The skin will most probably be exclusive to either the Dacia or EV or both.

Players are likely to get the Rimac skin through lucky draw

As for the rarity and the odds of acquiring one of the featured skins, it is safe to assume that it will be very hard to come by for an average player. Collaboration items are mostly mythic and need in-game currency to acquire, which in turn can be acquired by spending real-life money on the game.

Chances are that the Rimac skin will come as a draw which makes getting the skin ever harder, even for the players who are willing to spend liberally in the game. So it is advised to know when to fall back and be aware of being carried away to acquire in-game cosmetics. No date of the arrival of the collaboration has been announced yet, with the official announcement saying that it will be coming soon.

Fans not impressed with the PUBG New State and Rimac collaboration

Despite being an exciting collaboration announcement, a fair portion of fans have stood up against it, and for justified reasons. They have demanded and are demanding to prioritize the removal of glitches and fixing of the numerous bugs existing in the game. The game, which has been plagued with such issues since its inception, had seen a steep decline in positive reviews for this very reason.

Even though the developers have been taking steps for the fixation of the issues, many still remain with the players demanding them to fix the game before making any more cosmetic additions. It remains to be seen if the patches and the addition of the skin in-game and players trying it out will somehow quell the negative feedback, which is worrisome given the future of the game.

What are your thoughts on the PUBG: New State and Rimac collaboration? Let us know in the comments below!

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