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PUBG New State: How to get Bella character appearance for free

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In its latest story mission update, PUBG New State has brought in Bella, a brand new character who is unlockable via the designated story missions in the game. Here we will be going through how to get the Bella character appearance by completing the missions in PUBG New State.

The character comes with 4 weeks’ worth of special missions to complete in order to acquire her. It involves scouring the map and finding specific items to satisfy the mission requirements. They are as follows,

1. Find Sam’s notes in City Hall

For the first part, the player has to drop in or go to the City Hall spot on the Troi map. There, scattered around the spot several items marked as “Sam’s notes” which have to be collected. It is advisable to not go there in the early match but rather a bit later, as it is a very popular drop spot where players try hard to kill each other which will spoil the mission to get the items.

2. Find Mask of the Hunters in Vermount

After getting the notes, it becomes necessary to collect the Masks on the map. They will spawn exclusively at the location of Vermount in Troi, in the posh mansion present there. They are very easily spottable as compared to the notes, due to their golden color and intricate design. The area also has great loot so a player can drop there and use it as a base to go to other parts of the map as well.

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3. Find Paper Cranes in the town of Cornwall

The Paper Crane fragment character can be found in the Troi town of Cornwall. This is probably the hardest-to-find item because unlike the other two places Cornwall isn’t a single compact building but a cluster of many houses and shacks. It is recommended to conduct the search while in the safe zone as it takes quite a lot of time to find all the Paper Cranes due to the number of houses and taking zone damage is not something a player wants.

4. Find Bella’s concert posters

Unlike the rest of the items, the posters cannot be found at any single location and are scattered all over the map. Therefore it is completely up to the player to explore the map and collect the items. Although it can be observed that places with clustered compounds have a higher odd of housing a poster.

After collecting all the items the player can return to the main menu and go to the story mission tab where players can receive their due rewards. On the top right, the Bella character can be claimed and used in the game henceforth.

That’s all for the steps required to acquire the PUBG New State Bella character appearance. Be wary in the battlegrounds as everyone will try to hunt you down to be the first to get their hands on the items.

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