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Punishing: Gray Raven has been released worldwide

The game sets its foot outside China and Japan!

The highly-anticipated hack and slash post-apocalyptic title, Punishing: Gray Raven has been released worldwide from the developers KURO TECHNOLOGIES. The action, 3D, RPG had first become available for pre-registration in Asia and a couple of other countries across the world. It is now available to download worldwide from the Google Play Store or App Store.

Servers to go live on July 16

Players who have been able to download the game have left reviews on the Play Store. They have stated that the servers are yet to go live. This means despite being available to install from the respective stores, some users may not be able to step into the Gray Raven universe just yet. According to recent announcements from the game developers, Punishing: Gray Raven will launch worldwide on the 16th of July, 2021. The release for some countries will happen sooner or later during this time.

Reasons for anticipation around Punishing: Gray Raven

Punishing: Gray Raven is an action role-playing game that combines hack and slash with incredible animation-like graphics. The game will also implement a gacha system that gives the game a promising look and feel. Set in a dark cyberpunk-like world, the Gray Raven universe is a place where technology has amassed to such an advanced stage that it has taken over humanity’s way of life.

After being corrupted by the virus known as ‘The Punishing‘, self-controlling androids have chased the remaining humans away from their homeland into the depths of Babylonia. This apparently looks like a space station. The responsibility of saving the last remnants of humanity now falls unto the protagonist, Gray Raven. His sole task is to save mankind from the evil androids and reclaim their lands. All these activities will be done in a thrilling hack and slash-style gameplay with stunning graphics.

Punishing Gray Raven: Worldwide launch features

Some players have had the opportunity to enjoy the beta gameplay of the game. The worldwide launch of Punishing: Gray Raven is set to bring all-new features with the global release.

Players can expect an improved playing style and fewer glitches with the global release. Featuring a complex RPG title with unique skills, the game’s characters will duel in an intense hack and slash combat style. This will be coupled with top-notch visuals. Players should expect the gameplay to be somewhat similar to that of Genshin Impact in terms of graphics, combat style, and other gameplay elements.

The game will be available in selected countries

With the global release, the game is available to download in selected countries. Although, China and Japan have had access to the game long before other countries. At present, other selected countries can install the game but the servers are set to go live on the 16th of July, 2021.

In case players do enjoy post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk-like, or RPG hack and slash, they shouldn’t miss the opportunity of the new game of Punishing: Gray Raven. Despite its similarities with games like Genshin Impact and NieR: Bayonetta, it should offer an interesting tag-team feature with cool-looking anime graphics.

The only difference between the two titles is the fact that Genshin Impact would take place in a bright and beautiful looking world whereas Punishing: Gray Haven takes place in a dark post-apocalyptic world. A place where technology has taken over humanity!

Are you excited about Punishing Gray Raven being released for Android and iOS? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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Sad Girl

Man. I just discovered this game and with great anticipation, went to download it. Only to discover it’s not available in Africa… We’re such a massive continent, yet they skipped us entirely, I’m so sad now. I hope that they’ll make it available to our countries too in the future.

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