R-Planet is a real-time strategy game with NFT elements, now available on Android and iOS

Mine minerals, develop your base, unite with friends and fight with enemies!

R-Planet is a fun real-time military strategy game in the guise of a cozy app, now available on both Android and iOS. Players will be able to construct and expand a network of military facilities, raise an army, band together with allies, engage in combat with adversaries, and win fantastic rewards on a temporary server. Players have a one-of-a-kind chance on 27th January 2023 to be among the first users of the Open Alpha server and win valuable prizes (NFTs).

Explore a hostile planet full of mineral deposits in the faraway galaxy

R-Planet is a faraway sphere of hostile lands, drifting through outer space along with its tiny satellite Hollow. The planet became the sought-after home for many creatures due to its abundant deposits of four priceless minerals, which can be used to manufacture various materials and useful objects.

They include heroes. Advanced animals that are the progenitors of heroes fled from imminent death to the R-Planet. They are currently engaged in a struggle for their new residence.

Choose your faction and dominate maps with your teammates

R-Planet is everything you love about traditional military tactics and then some. You should decide which side you want to play on before you begin. There are three factions:

  • Masterminds are known for being the fastest battle drones and transporters
  • Warriors are famous for combat drones of vast power and have more builders than the others
  • Renegades are great in robberies and hacker attacks

You select a region of the map for your base after selecting a faction with which to engage in combat. Your base has a protective dome when you first begin the game. The first four days won’t see any attacks or robberies attempted on you.

Image via R-Planet

Your first duty is to figure out the finest technique to utilize mined resources and laborers to expand your base as much as you can while protected by a shield. As rapidly as you can, grow your army and base while increasing mining capacity. Expand your base network, seize other players’ bases, or establish new ones to become more threat-resistant and attack-planning versatile.

Join forces with your friends in alliances for more enjoyment and success. You’ll receive resources for internal communication, and you’ll be able to plan coordinated offensive activities. When required, you can also get assistance and encouragement. Win amazing rewards that you can sell or keep for use on the upcoming server. You’ll advance with each new server, accumulating an increasing number of amazing in-game items.

Utilize the game’s NFT assets to strengthen yourself or trade resources

The game’s NFTs are items produced on the blockchain. Some of them are only intended to be used once, thus when they are activated, the NFT is “burnt” and vanishes. You receive some in-game resources or perks as payment for doing this.

You will receive 50 Chad robots in the game after activating the NFT of 50 Chads, for instance, and your bases will be protected from attacks for 24 hours after activating the 24hr Protection Dome. No matter how much time you spend using NFTs for numerous purposes, you always retain ownership of them.

Image via R-Planet

Anytime you wish, you can take them out of the game, retain them, give them to someone, or trade them. For instance, using a Land NFT will increase your ability to mine the mineral of your choice; using a Hero NFT will get you access to a hero, who will enhance many aspects of your base and army. You nonetheless continue to possess these NFTs and are free to withdraw at any point because they are versatile assets.

Players can start exploring the little sphere in the faraway space

Players can start joining the game and get special rewards they may exchange or use afterward. Users can download and install the game from the official website of R-Planet and register for the game with their Google or iOS accounts.

As the game opens today ie the 27th of January, players can start playing the game with their friends. There is an additional playground server as well, without any rewards for newbies to get started and practice the game’s controls. Interested players can also check R-Planet’s official Twitter account to stay in touch with the game’s latest updates.

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