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RAIDER SIX: Starlight Gaming launches game’s full version with new updates, features and more

The full version of the game is based on users’ preferences!

Starlight Gaming, the Indian division of SOFTSTAR ENTERTAINMENT INC, a prominent gaming company based in Taiwan, has successfully launched the full version of RAIDER SIX, India’s inaugural battle royale game tailored for Indian gamers. The game’s release was met with tremendous excitement and appreciation from the Indian gaming community, resulting in an astonishing 2 million subscribers within a month during its beta phase.

Millions worldwide flock to RAIDER SIX after a thrilling launch

Following a thrilling and tremendously successful launch in the open beta phase, RAIDER SIX has ignited a gaming revolution, capturing the attention of millions of players worldwide. The game’s unrestrained popularity is evident as the gaming community’s sheer voracity has led to the consumption of Element U reaching an astounding 10 billion units, with an awe-inspiring acquisition of 27.6 billion units.

Raider SIX Secret Element-U Stash
Image via Starlight Gaming India

Moreover, the hotly contested Bounty Mode has witnessed 44 million battles, with warriors vying for dominance. In contrast, Werewolf Mode has been the battleground for approximately 5 million riveting battles among gamers.

The full version of RAIDER SIX offers a fusion of Indian culture and gaming excellence

In order to provide its fans with an unparalleled gaming experience, Starlight Gaming has undertaken substantial modifications and introductions to the game RAIDER SIX, which draws its inspiration from Indian culture and essence. Within this enhanced version, players are offered the chance to fully immerse themselves in adrenaline-fueled battles and thrilling gameplay, while also benefiting from countless revival opportunities.

Raider SIX Bounty Mode
Image via Starlight Gaming India

The game showcases an extensive array of captivating weapons, heart-pounding helicopter escape missions, a well-developed trading system, and engaging draw activities, ensuring an unending source of gaming excitement for all enthusiasts.

New gaming journey begins with the release of the full version of RAIDER SIX

The full version of the game is now available for users, and players have the opportunity to embark on a new gaming journey through the recently activated Bunny Rewards event, which will last for two weeks. During this event, they can enjoy the excitement of Venom weapons and crests, both of which will be introduced in the Draw and Advanced Weapon Crest.

Raider SIX Update
Image via Starlight Gaming India

Moreover, gamers will have the chance to enjoy double odds for Weapon and Character Fragments by unlocking the sought-after character, Zoya, as a top-up reward. With these immersive features now incorporated into RAIDER SIx, it presents an incredible opportunity for players to delve into thrilling adventures and earn fantastic rewards. Notably, the period of Werewolf Assault has been extended indefinitely, adding to the game’s long-term appeal.

RAIDER SIX brings exciting updates based on user preferences

In order to elevate the gaming experience to a higher level, the development team has implemented several enhancements in RAIDER SIX. Paid packages and a dedicated button have been introduced to showcase a wide array of exciting weapons. The overall game has undergone UI optimization to ensure smooth performance on all devices. The team has also been dedicatedly working on refining gameplay elements and addressing major bugs to provide a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience.

Raider SIX Control The Titan
Image via Starlight Gaming India

The most recent update of RAIDER SIX is set to captivate players with its engaging game modes. One such mode is Skirmish Mode, scheduled for release on August 3rd, 2023, offering a thrilling 4V4 multiplayer experience. Another exciting addition is Base Defence, a PVE Mode, making its debut on September 14th, 2023. This mode challenges players to defend their bases from enemies using a diverse selection of weapons. Players can now download the full version of the game on Android and iOS.

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