Random Dice: Go, a sequel to the hit board game Random Dice, is now available for pre-registration

Get ready to master the game of Dice as pre-registration are now open!

Random Dice: Go, a sequel to the popular PvP gaming title Random Dice by 111% is now available for pre-registration. The previous release in the series was a hit amongst the fans, it will be interesting to see how this sequel would follow up on the name of its predecessor.

The game aims to bring the same fun and excitement to an updated platform

The game Random Dice: Go, is an auto-battle strategy game where even one decision made while playing the game can actually change the outcome of the whole match. Hence, proper thought and strategizing of the game are very much needed to succeed in the game.

Random Dice Go pre-registration, Random Dice Go
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The game is all about the dice which will control the luck and result in the game, which offers various types and shapes of dice with each having its own specific features and characteristics. It will be up to the player to use the dice at the right spot at the right time. There is no weaker or stronger Dice, only Dice with unique skills and traits. Players can use sword dice, wind dice, fire dice, and many more such exciting options to improve their chances of winning the game and ultimately turn the odds in their favor.

Play Dice battles in PvP format as well

The game also offers one on one battles in PvP format where they will be given 5 Dice to join the battle. Utilization of these dice in a time of need will dictate the outcome of the battle. A winning streak is the only way to climb the Amateur rank ladder and reach the Pro rank. The more one will win, the better dice they will unlock in the game and one gets better rewards.

Strategies can be of many types as they are personalized, based on the players and their playing style. Players could be very aggressive in style but still might choose to go defensive at a certain point in the game and vice-versa.

Hence, strategies cannot be predicted or counted as they all depend on the players, especially when in a League Match played by 8 different players. As mentioned before, the game is available for pre-registration on Android and interested fans can access the game via Google Play.

What are your thoughts about Random Dice Go pre-registration being made available for Android? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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