Real Cricket 20: All the info you need to know

We all know the game of Cricket is a team sport in which two teams compete with each other. And the one which does better than the other in fielding, Batting, and bowling finally win the game. If you are ready to play as a team on mobile then there are various mobile games that tried to capture the essence of this outdoor game. Like Real Cricket, World Cricket Championship, World Cricket, Stick Cricket, etc. Last week, there has been an addition in the list after the announcement by Nautilus mobile about the global launch of Real Cricket 20. So we have come up with all the Real Cricket 20 info that you need to know.

Real Cricket 20 is basically an upgraded version of previous games of Nautilus like Real Cricket 17, Real Cricket 18 and Real Cricket 19. The craze of the game can be understood by the fact that Real Cricket 19 was the top 7 grossing in the play store. So, here is all the Real Cricket 20 info you need to know.


1. Play 2 vs 2

Real Cricket 20 allows players to play the game with their friends and/or family in real-time. This feature allows players to form a team of 2 and that means while batting, a player will bat and the other will be at non-striker end. While fielding, the first player will bowl followed by the other player and this is first of a kind according to Nautilus Mobile.

2. Co-op Mode

This feature allows players to partner up and play Cricket against Artificial Intelligence. Till now, no official info has been provided about the AI but the game against AI is surely going to be interesting.

3. Spectate Mode

This feature allows a Cricket enthusiast to watch his/her friend play and broadcast the game online. Broadcasting can be done on social media platforms like YouTube. You can broadcast your friend playing the game with the help of a unique code-shared by your friend.

4. World Test Championship

You can select your team and play against other Test Cricket teams of the world. Real Cricket 20 will show your team ranking along with points table, all the statistics, and fixtures.

5. Brand New Female Commentary

Real Cricket 20 added a new feature with Female Commentary and with this, Nautilus mobile tried to make it a gender-neutral game.

Overall, with Real Cricket 20 the makers tried to have holistic development of the game by adding features that most of the players wanted. They also tried to make it feel like ‘Real Cricket’ but only time will tell how the players and audience react to the game one it is launched.

Real Cricket 20 release date

According to the official trailer released by Nautilus Mobile, Real Cricket 20 is set to release in February 2020. However, the exact release date is still unknown and we will update you once the official release date is confirmed.

Official Trailer of Real Cricket 20

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Really excited for this new version RC.



how to make our own team? Plus , how do we select good players who aren’t in the multiplayer list


Hi rc 20 i buy russle in rc 20 daily hire. Is that they will disappear afer 24 hrs

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