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Reverse: 1999: The time-traveling strategic RPG game begins its closed beta test, The Utopia Test

A whirlwind trip through the 20th century!

Reverse: 1999, the strategic role-playing title has begun its Closed Beta Test called The Utopia Test and the first participants started their adventures through it. The first wave of players is setting out on a grand voyage for PC, Android, and iOS from August 4 through August 13. Time travels backward and forward in the rain.

Experience an alternate history in 2D-style animation in the world of Reverse: 1999

In the alternate historical world of Reverse: 1999, where everyday people and mystical arcanists frequently conflict, history is both strange and familiar. Beginning on the last day of 1999, a strange phenomenon known as the “Storm” poses a danger to reverse all of history as we know it. Only Vertin, the Timekeeper, is immune. She will need allies to stop the timeline. Meet the eccentric pirate radio DJ Regulus as she discusses some of the arcanists who will be joining the team in an entirely objective and logical manner.

Reverse: 1999 Closed Beta Test
Image via Bluepoch Games

Reverse: 1999 is a cinematic, narrative RPG that uses stunning cutscenes and Live2D-style animations throughout its narrative. It is completely voiced in English and has a cast with a variety of accents (to reflect the many countries and eras portrayed).

Discover a beautifully hand-illustrated world from the past with a moving soundtrack. Reverse: 1999 is a feast for the senses thanks to brooding cinematic pieces, soulful voice tracks, exhilarating battle themes, and foot-tapping EPs for several of the main characters (with more to come).

The closed beta test brings the prologue and first three chapters of the game

The prologue and the first three chapters of the game, The Utopia Test, provide players with an overview of the alternate history and its protagonist, Vertin, the timekeeper, as well as a crash course in the swinging 1960s. Players will get to know Vertin’s helper and friend, Sonetto, in the prologue. Together, they’ll find the talking apple familiar and pirate radio DJ Regulus in London, helping her flee the Manus Vindictae, an enigmatic arcanist group that appears to be after her.

Reverse: 1999 Closed Beta Test
Image via Bluepoch Games

Players will travel back in time to New York, 1929, in Chapters 1 and 2. The height of the Prohibition era, which restricted both the sale of alcohol and magic items and the closing years of the Roaring Twenties. The cast must make difficult choices against a background of anarchy, intrigue, and the big Wall Street crash as the “Storm” approaches once more. Strange times and even stranger enemies and alliances lay ahead. Play to find out which side Schneider, the outlaw Italian arcane gunslinger, supports.

Reverse: 1999 Closed Beta Test

Players will discover about the SPDM, or School Of Primary Defence Of Mankind, and part of Vertin’s obscure past in Chapter 3. Unyielding and formal, this academy purportedly trains young arcanists for an upcoming clash. Do they genuinely support the well-being and peace of humanity?

Reverse: 1999 introduces its rich strategic RPG combat gameplay with the closed beta test

All of this and more will be available to players through a stunning, simple interface. Everything is hand-crafted to feel polished and exquisite, from planning parties to reading character profiles. Detailed maps from each age, filled with curios and hints at the world’s secrets, can be used to plan the next step of your trip. Players are also introduced to Reverse: 1999’s strategic RPG combat in the beta. To summon arcanum-tuned arcanists from all across time, use the spinning wheel at Vertin’s base (a pocket dimension concealed inside her luggage).

Utilize the Afflatus system to your advantage and balance a party’s skills among Mineral, Plant, Beast, Spirit, and Star skills, each of which has advantages and disadvantages. Every turn, you’ll draw from a deck of cards called a skill pool. Matching cards will strengthen them, and using talents will provide Moxie, the force behind your magnificent Ultimate Attacks. Interested players can visit the official Twitter handle for more information on the game.

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