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Revived Witch Christmas Event 2022 features a Dazzling Stage rerun, new Dolls, and more

Come and enjoy the early celebration of a holly jolly Christmas in Revived Witch!

Revived Witch, a pixel-art mobile RPG, is celebrating Christmas 2022 with a number of events. Dazzling Stage, a celebratory event, is having a Rerun, bringing back the tale of Flora and her pals, who are destined to become idols. All gamers may look forward to numerous upgrades, including 2 new dolls, 2 new costumes, and generous awards.

Revived Witch Christmas Event brings back the Dazzling Stage

From December 20, 2022, at 4:00 a.m. (UTC-7), to January 10, 2023, at 3:59 p.m. (UTC-7), “Dazzling Stage” will be back. Flora and Caledonia take part in this event’s idol training, which entails singing, dancing, and performing. Players can complete the “Fantasy CityMain Story, Side Story, and Warm Up Stages to get event gifts in addition to the wonderful idol plot.

After completing all Story levels starting on December 27 at 03:59 (UTC-7), the Boss Battle will become available. Once a day, players can fight the boss to compete for rewards without spending any stamina. Players can purchase a variety of prizes from the event shop, including the SSR Compeller, Dorin, by gathering event currency.

As an added bonus, a package of in-game advantages will be sent to liven up this Christmas. For seven days, players can receive a daily Christmas gift, such as souls, soul cryolite, and resources for doll ascension, among other things. After finishing Stage 4-2 of the Main Story, free stamina can be claimed every day during the event period.

Revived Witch introduces two new dolls during the Christmas 2022 event

Two formidable UR Dolls, Claire and Naiad, will debut in the summon pools.

1. Claire – UR Mercury Mage

Revived Witch Claire
Image via Yostar Games

Being the winner of the most recent season of Shiny Girls has made Claire, a resident of Sanctuary, a popular idol that many young girls look up to. With her second ability, Bright Starlight, she can attack every foe ten times, delivering magic damage each time. The damage was done by all talents launched after Bright Starlight increases each time it is used.

2. Naiad – UR Brimstone Assassin

Revived Witch Naiad
Image via Yostar Games

Conscious and forthright, Naiad serves as Princess Amanami‘s personal guard. She is motivated to offer the Princess everything she has because she has grown up with Amanami. When Naiad uses her second ability in combat, she pulls her blade, makes a frontal slash, and then launches an iaido assault that harms all foes physically.

Revived Witch Christmas event brings new items to the Shop

Two new Christmas-themed clothes for Ella, “Festive Night,” and Ardisia, “First Snow,” will be offered in the Shop from December 20th, 4:00 am, 2022 until January 3rd, 3:59 am, 2023 (UTC-7). There are also lots of affordable packs that come with a ton of Diamonds, Soul Cryolites, Stamina, and Potions.

Are you excited about the Revived Witch Christmas Event 2022? Let us know in the comments below!

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