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Revived Witch Christmas update will bring New Event Dazzling Stage and New Dolls in the game

Celebrate Christmas with Revived Witch!

Pixel art mobile RPG Revived Witch has announced its upcoming Christmas update with a series of events. The biggest feature of this update is the new festive event Dazzling Stage, which tells a story about Flora and her friends trying to become idols for saving the Forest of Elves. Moreover, this event contains various rewards, new costumes, and UR Dolls with rate-up.

About Dazzling Stage event in Revived Witch

The new festive event Dazzling Stage is specially launched in Revived Witch for Christmas. Players will be able to read the Main Story from December 23rd, 2021 to January 6th, 2021, in which Flora and Caledonia participate in an idol training and finally untie the fear knots of their hearts. Besides the fascinating story, this event also features multiple game modes including Side Story, Tower mode, and Boss Battle, all of which can be unlocked after the completion of all the Main Story.

Revived Witch Christmas update
Revived Witch Dazzling Stage event (Image via Yostar)

Before the Dazzling Stage kicks off, Revived Witch has prepared a Warm-up Check-in Event that runs from December 16th, 2021 until December 30th, 2021. Since December 23rd, 2021 when the Dazzling Stage event is on, a pack of in-game benefits will be delivered. Players can receive a gift daily for 7 days, and claim free Stamina daily for 14 days after clearing Stage 4-2 of the event Main Story. To spice up this Christmas, a new festive furniture set is released and pieces of them can be obtained in the event shop, as well as a new SSR Compeller Dorin, the Celestial Gift.

New Dolls to be launched in Revived Witch Christmas update

Cersivery and Christmas-limited Flora, two powerful Christmas-themed UR Dolls, will make their debuts in the Summon Pools; Caledonia and Celanya, another two UR Dolls you have already met, will have their new Christmas costumes.

1. Exclusive Summon UR Doll: Cersivery, Saintess of Snegurochka. The supreme ruler of the ice world Snegurochka. As one of the powerful Compeller UR Dolls, her Normal Skill not only deals Magic DMG but also reduces the enemy’s Magic DEF.

Her Chaos Skill Cryofall deals AOE damage over time and each additional Cryofall cast increases the damage of this skill, stacking up to 5 times. A reasonable combination of her Normal Skill and Chaos Skill can make her a reliable Compeller for the team.

2. Awakening Summon UR Doll: Caledonia, Cloistered Princess. She is said to be a noble princess, gifted with the special ability to communicate with animals. Though looking cute, she is a versatile Guardian UR with Healing and Knock-off skills. For players who like to be both offensive and defensive in battle, she is the unopposed choice to be the core of your team. Her Christmas-themed Costume will be up for grabs at the Shop when her banner opens.

Revived Witch Christmas update
Revived Witch Caledonia character (Image via Yostar)

3. Exclusive Summon UR Doll: Christmas-limited Flora, Dream Stage. The main character in this festive event, whose sweet singing intoxicates everyone. She is a UR Mage Doll with the Normal Skill that repeatedly deals Magic DMG to all enemies. Her Chaos Skill Dazzling Stage deals more damage when there is remaining Chaos Energy. For players who try to cause massive damage, they can accumulate Chaos Energy first and then release the Dazzling Stage skill.

4. Exclusive Summon UR Doll: Celanya, Azure Archer of Wind. Celanya, a UR Assassin Doll, is an outstanding archer who can deal both high burst damage and sustained DPS. She also has a Christmas-themed Costume for sale when her banner opens. Players can find it at the Shop.

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