Rigid Force Redux: Headup’s sci-fi shoot’em up is scheduled to release on Android this August

Brace for impact in this esteemed sci-fi shoot’em up!

Rigid Force Redux, the critically acclaimed shoot’em up action game from Headup and com8com1 Software, will release for Android smartphones on August 11th, 2022. Rigid Force Redux is on track to achieve a new high score on Google Play for Android mobile devices after garnering favorable reviews on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Rigid Force Redux features upgradable weapons and an electrifying soundtrack

Embark on a side-scrolling journey through the perilous depths of space while being accompanied by a pulsating synth-wave soundtrack, gorgeous sceneries, and painstakingly made 3D models. Players can equip their fighters with a variety of upgradeable weapon systems and extra Force Shards in Rigid Force Redux, giving the enemies deadly firepower.

Rigid Force Redux
Image via Headup

Prepare for a variety of confrontations that will put players’ mettle to the very limit against massive enemy hordes, hefty gunships, laser-wielding mechs, and enormous alien beasts. Every enemy, from the smallest creature to the biggest boss, has a different approach that can be difficult to counter.

The story in Rigid Force Redux takes place on the planet Therra, where players are a member of the UPFF fleet, a military space organization (United Planet Freedom Forces). The artificial onboard intelligence of the Rigid Force Alpha, PSYE, will assist players on their adventure as they carry out combat missions to defend friendly worlds.

Rigid Force Redux gameplay
Image via Headup

As players set out on their journey through space, PSYE serves as their counselor. Players can If they’re still looking for more after all that, attempt the difficult Arcade and Boss Rush Modes, defend their position on the global leaderboards, and collect all 40 achievements.

Are you excited as Rigid Force Redux is set to release on Android? Let us know in the comments below!

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