Rise of Firstborn The Phantom World update brings new features, heroes and more

New game modes, a new Hero, and more anchor RFB 7.0!

When The Phantom World launches on Thursday, 21st July 2022, KIXEYE is prepared to offer Rise of Firstborn players-both new and devoted a content-heavy update with brand-new features, a new Hero, and much more. A brand-new overview film and a development blog with further information about the exciting new Rise of Firstborn features and systems have been posted by KIXEYE to give the community a sneak peek at the epic content that will be included with the 7.0 update.

Introducing Eliona, the all-new hero in Rise of Firstborn

The newest Hero in Rise of Firstborn is Eliona. She is a gifted student and magician from a place where magic is unstable. The delicate balance between her people and the Orc Clans has been upended by the evil Infidus’ entry into her realm. Their rivalry dates back many generations. Eliona is a skilled researcher who, when working as the Research Hero, can uncover facts and puzzles at a breakneck pace.

Protect your world from the mysterious Phantom World

The Phantom World
Image via KIXEYE

Alliance members of all character levels now have a new opportunity to support their alliance during large-scale campaigns thanks to The Phantom World. Our world is being invaded by the enigmatic Phantom World, and Alliance members must battle Phantom World Strongholds to win over Phantom Troops. These troops are available for use by alliance members themselves or by their most potent allies.

The Rise of Firstborn Phantom World Update will introduce exciting new items

The new Regal Champion Attack Set will be available to those who are prepared to face the most difficult obstacles. For those Heroes who are powerful enough to be deserving, the power is worth it. Additionally, players can obtain the brand-new Crystalline Palace Castle skin. Any player’s Castle now has a different appearance thanks to this special decorative skin.

When the Phantom Whelp, a cute but dangerous phantom dragon pet, debuts in the in-game market, gamers should surely check it out. This dangerous ethereal dragon is a must for anyone who hunts in the wilderness because it increases hunting rewards.

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