Roblox officially introduces Parental Controls for children

Parents can now restrict inappropriate content

Roblox, the popular social platform where users of all ages from around the world meet up in different multiplayer games, has now introduced Parental Controls. This is a very good addition by the team working on the game as a large portion of the player base is actually pretty young. 

The game has millions of players playing at any given moment and about 67% of the total user base is below the age of 16! Roblox already has a system in place that censors potentially harmful and inappropriate words from player comments and even ban players who do it too often but parents can further ensure the safety of their children online. 

Roblox new parental controls: Parent Pin and Account Restrictions

The new feature adds new toggles that include a ‘Parent Pin’ which is required if the player wants to change a setting (children won’t be able to change security settings without the parent pin) and also account restrictions that only allow content that is appropriate for all ages once enabled and disables the Contact Settings that regulate messages and chat filters. 

Parental controls are a very important feature for multiplayer games in today’s day and age to ensure the safety of children and also prevent exposure to inappropriate content when more and more young children are jumping into games. 

Concerned parents should definitely enable the new settings added to the game as they add a new blanket of security to the pre-existing privacy settings.

What are your thoughts about Roblox adding parental controls to its system? Let us know in the comments section below!

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