Rovio is planning to bring back the classic Angry Birds titles

Angry Birds will be on their way back!

For quite a while now, Rovio has been pushing out games that some players were considering disappointing. A lot of people who played the first few versions of the game series were pretty upset when those versions started going off the Google Play Store and App Store. They were replaced by titles that didn’t necessarily have bad gameplay but instead had ads and in-app purchases, a lot of them.  The games seemed to be geared towards making money instead of providing satisfying and fun experiences to players. Eventually, Rovio did lose their way. However, Rovio has finally decided to bring back the fan-favorite Angry Birds titles on mobile devices.

Rovio’s decision

Despite all the mistakes they’ve made, Rovio has finally realized their mistakes. They might be now trying to make their amends. In a post on their site, Rovio has issued something similar to an apology. They have also made some new announcements. According to Rovio, maintaining the games is hard. This is because they are older titles that are made with outdated technology. Thus, it was sad that several of the OG games had to be taken off. Rovio has understood that this has led to a lot of criticism from players.

Angry Birds Journey
Angry Birds Journey

Thus to make things right, they’re working on getting back some of the classic titles like Angry Birds Classic and Angry Birds Seasons among others. Though titles like Angry Birds Star Wars and Angry Birds Rio which were popular too, probably won’t be coming back because of the corporate side of the game. Although, the original Angry Birds experience might be coming back to our mobile devices soon.

Final Thoughts

This won’t happen soon though as it’s a work in progress. Although, it is definitely something Rovio has said they’re going to work on. One of the things which should be mentioned, however, is that players miss the older games a lot, the newer games weren’t too bad. Well, most of them weren’t too bad. Despite having some decent gameplay, Rovio has messed up while trying to make money off them. Ads and micro-transactions have spoiled the experience. Systems like limited energy were introduced which made has made it harder to play for a while without somehow having to get more energy through ads or in-app purchases. If not, they just keep interrupting the gaming session.

Angry Birds doesn’t need a bubble shooter spinoff. They do not need to get any more simplistic than they already are. Games like Bubble-Shooters or Match 3s are only appealing to a handful of players, which are mostly young kids. Hopefully, the upcoming games wouldn’t have the features which pissed off players and would be well-thought-out titles that deliver the experience their popular predecessors did years ago.

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