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Seven Knights 2 May 2023 update brings a new hero, special events, and more

Exciting new in-game content arrives!

Netmarble, a renowned developer and publisher known for creating exceptional mobile games, reveals an update for their mobile RPG, Seven Knights 2. The May 2023 update introduces fresh content and immersive encounters for players to relish, featuring an addition of a remarkable Legendary+ Hero, a new Mythic Pet, and numerous time-limited events. Players can now indulge in these exciting features and enhance their gaming experience.

Introducing Scott, the Dark Dragon of Destruction, in Seven Knights 2

From today onwards, players have the opportunity to obtain Scott, the Dark Dragon of Destruction, in Seven Knights 2. Scott is a ranged hero of the Legendary+ Defense type. He possesses a unique ability that inflicts an unremovable burning effect on opponents every third attack, making him an ideal countermeasure against healers.

Moreover, whenever his allies fall in battle, Scott instantly regains 100% of his health and bestows various unremovable effects upon enemies. His ultimate skill inflicts damage upon all enemies within a circular radius around the target, and the damage output increases when he attacks enemies already afflicted with the burning effect. In PvP battles, Scott additionally replenishes his health equal to his maximum health and boosts his ultimate Skill Gauge.

Seven Knights 2 Scott
Image via Netmarble

Seven Knights 2 May 2023 update brings a mythic-grade pet, Fangs of Vengeance Cale

Alongside Scott, a new addition to Seven Knights 2 with this update is the introduction of Mythic grade pets. The inaugural Mythic grade pet, Fangs of Vengeance Cale, joins the battlefield. This pet augments the attack speed of all allies, grants fixed damage, and enhances the critical strike rate. Furthermore, it possesses the ability to revive fallen allies and remove debuffs when immobilized. Lastly, the skills of the Legendary+ Pet Steps of Atonement Clemyth have been completely revamped.

Celebrate the May 2023 update with exciting events in Seven Knights 2

Players can celebrate this month’s new game updates with several limited-time events, including:

Check-in event for 1.5 Year Anniversary (May 10 – May 24): Those who check in to the game during the event period can receive many rewards including Gold, Pet Summon Tickets, Pet Fragment Chests, Lucky Fortune Cookie, and more.

Lucky! Fortune Cookie Event for 1.5 Year Anniversary (May 10 – May 24): With Fortune Cookies acquired from check-in and at the shop, players can exchange them to obtain various rewards such as Lucky Special Tickets and more. Fortune Cookies allow players to earn Lucky Special Tickets, which are pet-related vouchers exchangeable for pet items such as Legendary+ Pet Summon Voucher Fragments and Pet Fragment Chests.

Lucky Special Tickets can be exchanged to get Legendary+ Pet Summon Voucher Fragment, Pet Fragment Chests+, Legendary Pet Summon Voucher, and more. In this event, Lucky Special Tickets are guaranteed rewards. Players can exchange tickets to double their rewards.

Lucky Today, Lucky Tomorrow! 1.5-Year Anniversary Luck Coin Party! (May 10 – May 24): With two different types of Coins, players can exchange them with various rewards such as the 1.5th Anniversary Lucky Box which includes Pet Fragment Chest, Legendary Pet Summon Voucher Fragments, and more.

Scott’s Dark Dragon Power Summoning Event (May 10 – June 7): Scaling with the number of summoned heroes/pets, players can earn Scott’s Dark Dragon Power Coins. These coins can be linked with Seven Knights Pass to obtain various rewards.

Lucky Event of Casper (May 10 – June 7): Through in-game missions such as checking in, playing growth dungeon, or using Gold, players can obtain Casper’s Lucky Coins, which can be used to acquire various rewards by linking with Casper’s Seven Knights Pass.

You can download Seven Knights 2 right now on the App Store, Google Play. and PC.

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