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Silly Wisher for Genshin is a spoof app that lets players pull imaginary and make cursed combinations of characters

Pull characters and make cursed combinations!

A new spoof game of Genshin Impact, called Silly Wisher is available in Google Play. Silly Wisher is by an independent publisher known as Sketchi. The app has currently been discovered by some Genshin fans. It has over 100,000 downloads and a whopping 4.9 stars in its review. The game is free to download and is still currently in the works with more character artworks being added one at a time by the developer.

Players can collect freemogems in Silly Wisher and pull characters out in current banners

In the game, players will have a very generous amount of Primogems which they call “freemogems”. Players will be able to use to buy more wishes called Ballz. Players can pull characters out in the current banners. They may be able to release their frustration here from not getting what they want in the banners of the Genshin Impact game.

One good thing about the Wishing System here is just by watching a short ad you can get 20 additional wishes and access to a banner of your choice to pull whichever character the player’s favorite is.

Genshin Impact Silly Wisher
Image via sketchi

Silly Wisher for Genshin features a super wacky battle system

Silly Wisher’s battle system, like the entire application itself, is super wacky, weird, and borderline cursed. However, this weirdness is what makes it fun. All that players have to do in the game is spam the attack button of their character and the slime will take damage.

Although the slime does not even attack back the character so there is no way to lose the game. The players will also be able to switch characters in the fight like in Genshin Impact. And as normal attacks are being spammed, the skill bar is filling up and can be used once filled up.

Genshin Impact Silly Wisher
Image via sketchi

Another feature of Silly Wisher for Genshin Impact is making weird and cursed hybrids of fan-favorite Genshin Impact characters, as pictured above where we mixed Loom (Lumine), Ambur (Amber), Nihido (Nahida), and Puddle (Mona). The result is a cursed abomination of the four which combined their names making it into Loambuniddl.

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