Sky: Children of the Light celebrates its 3rd anniversary with a brand new season

The studio will be delivering surprises all month long!

thatgamecompany, the Peabody Award-winning independent developer behind Journey, Flower, and Flow, will commemorate its long-standing and recent community members on Monday, July 18, 2022, as part of the 3rd-anniversary celebration of Sky: Children of the Light.

The studio is delivering surprises all throughout the month, including Sky anniversary in-game products and events, a new season that will change the world, a live stream celebrating the anniversary of Sky, and the introduction of two new platforms for players to share their tales about Sky, and more.

Beginning on July 18, take part in the month-long festivities. There will be balloon pops for candles, Happy Birthday music sheets for hearts, and possibly even a birthday cake in the Secret Area, which can be accessed through the Vault of Knowledge. The ambiance will also be festive thanks to additional in-game activities like trivia and a birthday song performance by thatgamecompany band.

Sky: Children of the Light introduces the Season of Shattering

Season of Shattering, which is now live, aims to provide novel gameplay, ambient storytelling, and social components to the Sky universe in order to rekindle a sense of awe, vulnerability, and wonder. The season offers a brand-new category of in-game world-changing events that will have an impact on subsequent seasons, updates, and experiences while also giving players a chance to explore the Sky universe before it is permanently altered.

Enjoy highlights from the last 3 years and share own experience with players around the world

Join the Sky community team on their Twitch channel to celebrate all of Sky as they dig through player memories, tales, and experiences, highlight games from the past three years, discuss behind-the-scenes moments, and tour all of Sky’s stunning realms.

Thatgamecompany’s thatskystory, which debuts on July 21, will continue its efforts to foster more benevolent human connections. By sharing their universally significant stories, players and Sky fans from all across the world will have a new platform to express how the Sky universe, other players, and in-world experiences have positively influenced their lives. The website will regularly post heartwarming tales on subjects like community, loneliness, acceptance, connection, and more.

Attend Sky Assemblies and celebrate the 3rd anniversary with the community

The inaugural Sky Assemblies event will take place in Long Beach, California, on July 21. Sky enthusiasts from all over the world will have the opportunity to attend or organise their own live Sky events as a way to interact and celebrate together through this community event series.

These community events are organized and produced by Sky’s community team and are meant to safely bring players together to celebrate Sky as a shared interest through themed activities like arts and crafts, trivia, in-game challenges, and more. They were inspired by the game’s Season of Assembly, which told a warm tale of friends coming together for fun and fellowship.

Are you excited to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Sky: Children of the Light? Let us know in the comments below!

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