Sky: Children Of The Light celebrates its 4th Anniversary with a brand new season

Sky: Children of the Light‘s 4th anniversary is being celebrated by thatgamecompany by giving the fanbase a summer full of festivities. The award-winning developer adds something extra to the numerous fan gatherings scheduled for Asia, South America, and the United States: thousands of community members can travel to Gamescom in August for the much anticipated first hands-on of the game.

With its proprietary technology powering Sky, thatgamecompany aims to break the record for the most players gathered on a single screen, and players from all around the world can participate in gaming history. The famous birthday event is back along with a brand-new prairie level called “Season of Moments,” so participants don’t have to wait until August to get together for the anniversary fun.

Key Highlights of Sky: Children Of The Light 4th Anniversary

The iconic in-game party event, in which players don their birthday crowns and participate in a variety of activities, was brought back on Monday, July 17, as part of thatgamecompany’s four-year anniversary celebrations for Sky: Children of the Light. Hundreds of gamers will congregate at the exciting occasion for a dance floor celebration.

Limited event currency products, such as cakes, guitars, happy birthday song sheets, props, and other items, will also be back for players to purchase. Here’s all to look forward to in the 4th anniversary celebrations of this game:

Gamescom: Sky: Children of the Light Official World Record-Breaking Event

Gamescom attendees and fellow Sky players will be a part of an incredible gaming moment on Friday, August 25, as thatgamecompany tries to break multiplayer gaming records and set a global record for the most gamers playing at once on a single screen. Through the use of exclusive technologies, players from all over the world and in person will collaborate to push the limits of online games.

Relive Sky’s One-of-a-Kind Concert

Sky Kids will recreate the musical trip in-game with thousands of other players from Sunday, Aug. 27 to Sunday, Sept. 3. Seasonal merchandise, including some that were previously only sold during the show, will be back at this encore event.

Are you excited to celebrate the 4th anniversary of Sky: Children of the Light? Let us know in the comments below!

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