Smite Blitz Global Release is here

It’s finally time to become a god. After the initial soft release in 8 countries, Smite Blitz Global Release is finally here for everyone to play. Do not hesitate to go to your Google Play Store or Apple iTunes to download the game and start crafting your team of gods, using their mythical powers to climb the ladder.

This is Smite Blitz Global Release

We have already covered the Soft Launch of Smite Blitz, but now that it came out globally, we can talk further. So what is Smite Blitz?

In Smite Blitz you’re controlling gods and are forming teams to fight against other players, enemies and bosses. You have a high variety of over 60 different gods and goddesses. Each of them has different synergies and methods to play, so combine them strategically.

Here is what the official store description of Smite Blitz is saying.

The realms of the Gods are under attack! You begin your quest in ancient Egypt, where dark forces have wreaked havoc throughout the Gods’ dominion. Their mortal worshipers are being assaulted. Who will save them? Fight tense battles and defeat waves of powerful enemies, chase down fugitives, or protect your tower. Collect valuable resources to unlock your Gods’ full potential. Can you save their worlds from ultimate destruction?

Smite Blitz Store Description

Keep fighting to overcome the forces and to become the number one. Fighting against other players and proving yourself in one-on-one duels. You can also join an alliance and help your fellow god controllers in this epic quest. To download Smite Blitz on your Android click here or to download from iOS store click here.

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