Sniper Champions: Gameloft’s target shooting game is now available on Android and iOS

Take Part in a Sports-Focused, Competitive Precision Target Shooting Game!

Gameloft, the leader in the creation and publishing of games, has announced its target shooting game Sniper Champions which is now available for iOS and Android devices worldwide on their respective stores. Sniper Champions is a competitive, target-shooting sports game based on precision marksmanship, where players compete against the game AI and in asynchronous and real-time multiplayer to rise the ranks.

Compete in beautiful arenas located around the world

Developed in Gameloft Bucharest by the team behind the popular Sniper Fury and Modern Combat 5: Blackout titlesthis is a colorful, athletic, simulation-take on the genre, where players use their skills and the appropriate gear to hit the bullseye while also considering the distance, wind, obstacles, bullet drop, moving targets, and more. 

Sniper Champions available
Compete in beautiful arenas located around the world

With a flashy athletic aesthetic, players in Sniper Champions compete in beautiful locations around the world, with arenas set along white-sand beaches with waving palm trees, frigid ice caps with a shimmery aurora borealis, ancient colosseums, and many more, with a focus on bringing stunning and high-fidelity visuals to players. The recreational firearms are more customizable than ever, with a focus on combining realistic designs with unique and colorful skins.

Sniper Champions is a wholly new approach to sharpshooting games on the marketplace

Thomas Aurick, VP of Creation at Gameloft

“We wanted to lean into the real-world competitive aspect commonly seen in major international sporting events, and players will find a game that reflects that. Sniper Champions is a brightly colored and customizable game where the competition is tough and the physics are real, and a bullseye is an achievement” he concluded.

The target shooting game, Sniper Champions for Android devices on the Google Play Store and for iOS devices on the App Store.

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