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Snowbreak: Containment Zone Mingdeng Ritual update brings a new storyline, characters, and more

Celebrate the game's first major update with amazing rewards!

The dynamic game development company, Seasun Games, continues to maintain its energetic momentum in the thrilling RPG shooter Snowbreak: Containment Zone. The initial substantial update for the game, Mingdeng Ritual, has been introduced today, a mere couple of weeks subsequent to its official release towards the end of July 2023.

Gaming enthusiasts can anticipate an array of novelties, including a fresh storyline, a formidable boss, additional characters, attire, a fresh gaming level, and a mini-game. Furthermore, during the expedition through this new content, gamers have the opportunity to acquire rewards through Twitch drops, starting immediately and ongoing until the 4th of September 2023.

Mingdeng Ritual Festival introduces a new boss and storyline in Snowbreak: Containment Zone

During the Mingdeng Ritual festival, the heavens are adorned with radiant lanterns; however, concealed peril dwells among them. Within the narrative of Mingdeng, participants shall confront a fresh titan adversary named Fiend. Displaying a creature-esque semblance, Fiend poses as a mighty opposition for Adjutants to encounter while they venture into the uncharted mission expanse.

Snowbreak: Containment Zone introduces new characters in the Mingdeng Ritual update

Accompanying the Mingdeng Ritual are the latest personas, namely Chenxing – Ethereal Cloud, and Siris. Ethereal Cloud, depicted as a 5-star Ji Chenxing variant, arrives with a fresh attire and weapon called Crimsontip Crane, acquirable through engagement in guiding missions.

Snowbreak Containment Zone Chenxing - Ethereal Cloud
Image via Seasun Games

Siris, who once served as an intern at the Yggdrasil Brain Science Lab and currently battles with memory gaps, maintains a constant companion in the form of a voice recording device. In combat, Siris distinguishes herself by safeguarding her comrades and herself using a deployable shield, effectively obstructing incoming adversary assaults. Beyond the introduction of these new characters, players can also anticipate obtaining a festive-themed costume named Nightfall Scarlett for Lyfe – Wild Hunt.

Multiplayer battles await in the Tower Skirmish level

Individuals who have advanced through the primary narrative and seek additional content will have the opportunity to independently navigate the fresh Tower Skirmish level. This stage showcases Eastern architectural elements adorned with intricate scenery. Gamers have the option to team up with companions for multiplayer combat engagements.

Snowbreak Containment Zone Taigu-Connect Aleph Zone1
Image via Seasun Games

For those desiring a more leisurely experience amidst vigorous conflicts, there is the option to engage in the recently introduced mini-game called Lighting the Way. This game integrates a relaxed gameplay style reminiscent of a chessboard, providing players with a chance to unwind and relish the experience.

Snowbreak: Containment Zone brings optimizations and rewards with the latest update

In addition to new content, Amazing Seasun Games has continued to implement optimizations to enhance player experience, including Smart Aim for mobile, which offers a wide range of shooting corrections. Whether just starting their career as an Adjutant or already a seasoned member of the Heimdall Force, players can earn rewards in several ways. Including:

  • New players receive a free 5-star character.
  • Completing in-game tasks such as chapters of the main story to earn DigiCash.
  • Earn Twitch drops from now through September 4th by linking their Snowbreak and Twitch accounts.
  • Using the redemption code xhjmg9u74b from now through August 21st for 50 DigiCash, 50,000 SilverBucks, and 5 Rare Augmentation Kit 3.

For additional information on the latest update visit the official site.

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