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Solarland: Sequel to the popular MMORPG Goddess MUA gets a release

Get into the world of fantasy with this new MMORPG

Phoenix VN’s action title Solarland officially got a release on October 26 on the Google Play Store. Solarland is an open-world MMORPG mobile game where players can create their world and unique storyline. The game is believed by some as the sequel to the popular MMORPG Goddess MUA.

Game features

Solarland is an open-world game without limits which gives players the freedom to create a unique storyline. Players can team up with their friends to knock down the wild boss. They can change the appearance of the characters, clothes, and much more with diverse customization options.

In the beautiful fantasy world, the players can catch pets move around in the wild, and forge friendships.

Solarland release
Solarland on Google Play Store

Goddess MUA was renamed to ‘Realm of Heroes’

Solarland is supposedly a 2.0 version of Goddess MUA. But interestingly, soon after the launch of Solarland, Goddess MUA was renamed “Realm of Heroes” and the reason is not clear. Apart from an unrepresentative gameplay video, there was no public addressing by the developers regarding the launch of the game. 

It’s fairly common to relaunch a game that has ceased but it is unclear why the developers would change the name of a game that is already live. Some fans are even anticipating Solarland to be an illegal clone of Realm of Heroes, which is supported by the fact that there is not a single thing known about the publisher of the game and no official website has been put up on the internet. 

Solarland is a mysterious fantasy game that you may not want to miss. Check out this amazing game and download it from the Google Play Store.

Are you excited about the release of Solarland? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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