South Korea warns Google and Apple over app billing irregularities with potential fine of $50.5 million

Not good signs for the App Market giants

The telecommunications regulatory body of South Korea announced that both Google and Apple, have been found to misuse their dominant positions in the app market. The Korea Communications Commission (KCC) also issued a warning about potential fines, which could amount to a total of $50.5 million (68 billion Korean Won).

The KCC investigation found Google and Apple enforced a specific payment method

It is well known that Google and Apple stand as the undisputed giants in the mobile game app markets. Their platforms, the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, collectively host the majority of mobile gaming apps, and this has benefited the developers pretty much. However, there have been practices that have been criticized a lot often, and now we are getting to see more.

South Korea Ban Apple and Google Payment System Monopoly
Image via Google/Apple

As a result of their investigation into unfair practices, the KCC found that both Google and Apple violated prohibited acts outlined in the country’s Telecommunications Business Act. They did so by leveraging their dominant trading positions to enforce a specific payment method and unfairly delaying the app review process.

South Korea’s opposition to Apple and Google is not a recent development. In 2021, the South Korean government made a significant decision to get rid of the payment monopoly system imposed by these tech giants, which mandated a 30% commission on all app developers and forced them to use their payment portal.

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Image via Epic Games/Apple

Apple has been in the spotlight for a couple of years at least now for their app store policies, particularly in the wake of the high-profile legal battle with Epic Games. It hasn’t found a solution yet, with recent updates hinting at another court intervention. Nevertheless, despite these ongoing challenges and controversies, the outlook for both Google and Apple, particularly Apple, isn’t looking good.

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