Splitgate: 1047 Games announces the potential mobile release of the FPS game

Initial release was scheduled for August, the beta is available to play on various platforms!

Developer 1047 Games has confirmed in a recent Q&A session via Twitch that its acclaimed FPS shooter Splitgate could launch on Nintendo Switch and potentially release on mobile devices as well. CEO of 1047 Games Ian Proulx stated that while they are yet to begin developing the Switch port, it is “absolutely part of the vision” and the most part of that vision involves making the action game “available on everything”. 

“We want to be available on Switch, mobile, I mean everything,” he said. However, when questioned about Splitgate on Mac, he said that a Mac version was “not on the top of our priorities but it’s important to us that people play with their friends—and that means cross-play on everything”.

The possibility of Splitgate mobile release

Regarding Android and iOS devices, Proulx repealed a little of his enthusiasm when asked questions about specific areas regarding the mobile version. He stated that cross-play on mobile is a “maybe” because it would take “a lot of work”. Still, he said it would be “super cool” to add the feature.

The game currently in Beta stage

Splitgate is one of the most exciting FPS shooters on next-gen consoles right now and it has already garnered a massive fan base and went on to claim a spot in Steam’s most-played lists. With so many players wanting to get in the fun all at once, the Halo-style shooter combined with a unique Portal Mechanic often struggles with queue times as the influx of players continues to increase during its beta testing period.

splitgate mobile release
Splitgate is currently in beta test

The developers have since added a bunch of fixes that have hugely improved the game server wait and load times with “huge capacity and stability improvements”, resulting in a maximum queue time of 5 minutes compared to the earlier 90 minutes. 

Release date and availability

Splitgate was initially scheduled to fully launch in August, but it has been now delayed. The beta, however, remains playable on various platforms. Players can try it out on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Steam. It will feature cross-play and cross-gen and will arrive on all these platforms with new features with the launch of version 1.0.

What are your thoughts on Splitgate mobile version being close to release? Make sure to comment below!

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