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Squabble: A battle royale version of Wordle is here for fans of the puzzle game

Squabble takes the intensity to another level with its game style

Since the launch, Wordle has been in talks across the globe for its addictiveness and increasing popularity. Wordle is so popular that newer versions of the game come out almost every day for players to test their guessing skills, the latest being Quordle. Squabble, unlike Wordle, puts you up in competition against other players to become the fastest in guessing the daily word, and the game goes on until there is one player left, just like battle royale games where players defeat each other to become the ultimate survivor.Β 

Squabble is currently available to play as a beta version but a fully working mobile version will be out soon, according to the developers at Ottomated.

Squabble: How to play the new battle royale version of Wordle

Wordle can be played while you’re on your way to the office to get your mood set for the day, but Squabble is serious and needs a lot of focus to play. Squabble is the battle royale of guessing words where players go against each other rapidly guessing words which get them to get hit points, every wrong guess deducts one point, you also lose hit points when you don’t make any progress or get stuck while making a guess.

Players who don’t make the right guess do not get eliminated instantly, but lose health points (HP) players HP goes down at a regular rate of 1 per second, and you also take damage for incorrect answers. Each player has six attempts to make a right guess. This way the game goes on till there’s only one player left, Squabble can get so serious that players might have to guess multiple words in a single round to get ahead of their competition. 

squabble battle royale
Image via Ottomated

Squabble will have no daily limits and have two different modes, Squabble-Blitz for 2-5 players and the battle royale mode for 6-99 players where users can host rooms to play with their friends or match with random players.  

Wordle has its own fanbase, but Squabble’s increasingly fast-paced game style does seem to create its own because at the end of the day anything with guessing words is simply addictive, players have already started posting their scores all over social media. Users can play the beta version of Squabble on the official website

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