Squid Game 3D: Survival game based on the Netflix show “Squid Game” released

Complete the game, get the prize! Or else…..!

While the showbiz world is intoxicated with the Korean survival drama Squid Game, the gamers are not far behind to take a virtual taste of it. So, Turkish developer company Click Game Studio has released their new title Squid Game 3D where it is the job of the players to make it out of the game alive. The game allows players to experience deadly games on mobile.

In the show Squid Game, a total of 456 people who are drowned in debt accept to play six children’s games for a tempting prize, but the stakes are deadly. The show is now ranked first in over 80 countries in the world.

Gameplay Overview

Features of the game

The Marble game has two different modes. One is to throw the marble to the farthest distance and the second is to put it in a hole. The most attractive feature is the sound, which is nearly identical to the original track. The graphics are decent with excellent animations. The control mechanism is not very user-friendly in Squid Game 3D, however. The touch response and reaction time are twitchy. Overall, it is super simple and challenging to spend some time on it. Do pay attention, be alive!

Squid Game 3D has three games namely Red Light, Green Light, Ppopgi (Honeycomb Candy), and Marbles that are featured throughout the nine episodes of the series. As of now, the developer promised to update the game with two new games i.e. Glass (The Glass Stepping Stones), and Rope Race (Tug of War) from the original show.

The game is available on Google Play and TapTap

The game is released by different names. It is named Squid Game 3D on TapTap while it is Squid Game Battle on the Google Play Store. In the series, the focused participant Seong Gi-hun got the invitation by playing Ddakji (a traditional Korean game of flipping paper tiles). The game has a similar model.

What are your thoughts on the newly released Squid Game 3D?  Let us know in the comments below!

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I was interested in checking the show out, but now that it is getting forced all around so much I am completely checked out.


Hey that’s fair, but I watched the whole thing and I still encourage you to watch it. The adverts are definitely annoying and get old, but the show is very well done and keeps you on your toes. My only complaint was how slowburn it was, so if that’s not your cup of tea either, no worries. 🙂


There are other copy n paste clones of this game, hard to tell who the original creator is.

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