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Street Fighter Duel: Capcom confirms global release in the future

Get ready for a one-to-one combat!

One-to-one combat RPG games are arguably one of the most enjoyed genres of games on all platforms. Franchises behind this genre have spent quite a successful period in recent years. And now, Capcom has confirmed that their JRPG game Street Fighter Duel is set to have a global release for Android and iOS devices in the future. During the North America East event for the Capcom Pro Tour, Capcom announced that the game is finally going to see the light outside China. Upon its release, this game will introduce some original characters this time and will be promoting the older ones as well.

Gameplay Overview

Street Fighter Duel is a joint production of TOPJOY, Tencent Games, and Capcom and was exclusively available for China upon its release. The game was first released in November 2020. Moreover, a beta version of the game was available to play but the crowdfunding campaign ended after the final release.

The game features different modes where players can build their team consisting of three fighters to fight against continuous waves of enemies or they can choose to fight with other teams with their special abilities.

Street Fighter Duel global release
Street Fighter Duel global release

Similar to the other line-ups of the Street Fighter series, the game offers more than 30 characters with a unique set of attacks, special moves, Super Combos, and Ultra Combos. Along with these, Personal Actions (or Taunts) will also be returning for characters to use during battle upon its global release.

The game has a story mode to tell but only in cut scenes. A hybrid battle system was introduced that combines hard-hitting team combos, quick-time events, a level-up system, and other things. Added to this, it also has a ‘ride on vehicles’ feature for its characters.

Street Fighter Duel global release
Street Fighter Duel gameplay

Another interesting thing is, some characters have alternate versions of themselves that can be unlocked. This game’s music is heavily inspired by Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter V from the Street Fighter series which is known for its unique and various fashionable outfits of the characters.

When will Street Fighter Duel release globally

Unfortunately, no information regarding the global launch date has been revealed yet by Capcom. As it seems, players will have to wait a bit more to get into the action in Street Fighter Duel. Meanwhile, we will make sure to inform you as and when more details about the global launch of Street Fighter Duel are revealed.

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