Strikers1945: RE is a new arcade plane shooter game by Com2uS, now available on Android and iOS

A Modernized Mobile Overhaul to the Classic Arcade Plane Shooter Game

Com2uS has introduced Strikers1945: RE, the authorized reimagining of Psikyo’s classic Strikers 1945 arcade plane shooter game, now available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad as well as Google Play for Android devices. This modernized iteration promises to captivate both long-time enthusiasts of the classic genre and newcomers to the franchise by delivering the thrilling arcade shooter experience to mobile devices. It features enhanced pixel art graphics, engaging gameplay, a variety of challenges, daily missions, and additional content to enhance the gaming experience.

Master the skies and customize your skills in Strikers1945: RE

In Strikers1945: RE, players will soar through the skies, engaging in intense aerial combat as they strive to shoot down their adversaries while skillfully evading incoming attacks. Throughout each mission and the upgraded Challenge mode, players have the opportunity to earn customizable Attack and Support skills, which can be strategically employed to tackle progressively more formidable foes.

Daily missions provide additional avenues for acquiring skills and enhancements while honing their evasion techniques to outmaneuver the relentless enemy onslaught.

Beyond the improved visuals and gameplay enhancements, players can also unlock an expanded selection of iconic aircraft from Strikers 1945 III, including the Harrier, Phantom, Super Hornet, Nighthawk, Raptor, and X-36. Players can opt to clear stages using the level-up system, allowing them to select their preferred skills using the EXP they’ve accumulated while striving to enhance their aircraft and components.

Strikers1945 RE Gameplay
Image via Com2uS

The Head of Game Business Group at Com2uS, Jihoon Han, remarked that Strikers1945: RE represents a flawless recreation of the original game, incorporating novel mechanics and improved elements. He expressed confidence that players hailing from 170 different countries, spanning both arcade enthusiasts and casual gamers, will derive pleasure from experiencing Strikers1945: RE. The game is now available for download on Android and iOS.

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