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Summoners War: Chronicles August 2023 update brings a new Summoner, new content and more

Meet Soleta, the 4th Summoner!

In the recent August 2023 update from Com2uS, a renowned global game developer and publisher, a fresh and playable Summoner enters the realm of the actionRPG Summoners War: Chronicles. This addition comes hand in hand with a novel feature for hunting monsters, increased enjoyment for guild participants, and rewarding in-game events.

A new character named Soleta, a youthful archer known for her potent single-target damage skills, has been introduced to the central plotline. She now accompanies Kina, Orbia, and Cleaf on their journey to restore harmony to the Rahil Kingdom. Concurrently, players have the opportunity to experience the new Soul Connection feature, which introduces fresh strategic possibilities by enabling the transfer of abilities between Monsters.

Summoners War: Chronicles August 2023 update: Key Highlights

With the August 2023 update, Summoners can check out the following new content.

New Summoner Soleta

The young archer named Soleta possesses the ability to execute ranged assaults focused on a sole target while also enhancing the abilities of both herself and her comrades. Due to her primary reliance on standard attacks, her ability to inflict sudden and immense damage is limited.

However, Soleta excels in dealing substantial damage gradually over time. Her mobility technique enables her to maintain a secure gap from adversaries. Players can gain access to Soleta after advancing the other Summoners’ progress to Rudelin Chapter 10.

Soleta’s Elemental Attributes

Soleta possesses adept weapon proficiencies across five distinct attributes, rendering her a harmoniously well-rounded member within any group and exceedingly proficient in diverse combat scenarios. Her mastery of Fire attribute abilities allows for the efficient dismantling of heavily armored tanks, acknowledged for their substantial health and defense stats. In contrast, her Water attribute proficiencies enable her to unleash a rapid onslaught of assaults.

Through her command of the Wind attribute, she can indirectly neutralize adversaries over time by inflicting Damage over Time (DoT), inducing sleep, and obstructing the removal of harmful effects. In the realm of dual capabilities, her command over the Light and Dark attributes facilitates the infliction of consecutive substantial damage when targeting the same foe, and additionally facilitates the gathering of multiple adversaries, advantageous for the entire party.

Soul Connection Feature

The process involves linking the capabilities of monsters by designating a 5★ or 4★ Monster with maximum level, awakening level, and skill enhancement. These attributes are then replicated onto a different Monster.

Summoners War Chronicles
Image via Com2uS

However, until the connection is undone, the linked Monsters cannot undergo development or restoration. This aspect of the game encourages players to experiment with a range of Monsters that they might not typically utilize.

New Guild Features

Upon becoming a member of a regular guild, players gain access to the Infinite Raid feature. This feature presents them with unending hordes of adversaries within a solitary player challenge lasting three minutes. The goal is to acquire rewards for their guild through this endeavor.

Furthermore, an enhancement known as the Profession Research Tower has been introduced to the Guild Town. This tower substantially reduces the crafting expenses related to Professions for all guild members, the extent of reduction is determined by the tower’s level. Moreover, a medley of enhancements has been implemented to augment the experience of Guild Siege Battles.

Quality of Life Improvements

Secret Energy, the unlock currency for Cairos Secret Dungeon, will be removed from the shop, and owned Secret Energy can be exchanged for Energy or Gold. Seal – Ruined Temple will be adjusted to a 3-player dungeon, with the Dice reward adjusted according to the number of members.

On the competitive side, the Battlefield season cycle will be changed from 1 week to 4 weeks, with each Battlefield held in rotation for 4 days.

Special Events

Log into the game daily during the 1-Year Anniversary Check-In Event between Aug. 11 and Oct. 20 to collect 1-Year Medals, which can be exchanged for reward scrolls. Claim even more 1-Year Medals by completing in-game missions.

That’s all for the Summoners War: Chronicles August 2023 update!

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