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Summoners War: Chronicles x One Punch Man collaboration brings new in-game content and rewards

Summoners War: Chronicles X One-Punch Man collaboration kicks off!

The summon role-playing game Summoners War: Chronicles has been very popular all over the world, and Com2uS has brought a new collaboration update with the immensely popular IP “One-Punch Man.

The TV anime “One-Punch Man” stars Saitama, a hero who can defeat any foe with a single punch, along with a wide range of other interesting and distinctive characters. It has a unique idea, a well-written plot, and a somber yet lighthearted tone. Both the first and second seasons, which debuted in 2015 and 2019, elicited fervent reactions from viewers all across the world. Not only in Japan but also in Western countries like North America, it has experienced significant growth in popularity.

Summoners War: Chronicles features major characters from One Punch Man as Monsters

Major figures from “One-Punch Man” will appear in “Chronicles” as Monsters as part of this partnership. The eight characters are: “Genos,” a natural 5-star fire-type monster, “Atomic Samurai,” a natural 4-star dark-type monster, “King,” a natural 2-star water-type monster, “Silverfang,” a natural 3-star wind-type monster, “Terrible Tornado,” and “Hellish Blizzard.”

The “Spiral Incineration Cannon” and the “Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist” are only two examples of the different methods each character employs from the original anime. To make it simpler to acquire the organic 5-star collaboration Monsters, an event will be organized. An “Elite Selection Scroll” that enables the acquisition of cooperation Monsters is awarded when accumulating 200 summon mileage.

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Players can run into the main character Saitama in a variety of ways, including NPC and dungeon quest cutscenes, even though he does not present as a Monster. Players are anxiously expecting Saitama’s distinctive appearances in “Chronicles,” as he is regarded as the series’ most powerful hero.

An official from Com2uS underlined their confidence, saying, “As “Chronicles” and “One-Punch Man” have achieved remarkable success in the global market, we expect to see global synergy through their collaboration. By maximizing the strength of both IPs, we will further enhance the potential of “Chronicles” and solidify its success worldwide. The interest in this collaboration from users all over the world is very high, and we will do our best to make it the collaboration of the century.”

One Punch Man collaboration brings exciting new in-game events and rewards

Players can also explore the brand-new dungeon “Evolution of Ascension” as part of the collaboration. In this dungeon, the “Carnage Kabuto” from “One-Punch Man” will make an appearance as the final boss creature. Killing it will net players a variety of lucrative rewards. One-Punch Man characters were seamlessly incorporated into the game in the main promotional video for the partnership Monsters. The video has garnered positive feedback from fans.

There are also several events going on. In the beginning, players can get goodies from 8 One-Punch Man collaboration characters by finishing daily assignments. They can also earn even more rewards by taking part in more Guild Raids. The “Justice Enforcement! Path of Growth” event, which awards Restoration Stones, Rainbowmons, Breath of Life, and other items for clearing the Path of Growth, is another event that rewards players for simply logging in.

What are your thoughts on the One Punch Man collaboration update with Summoners War: Chronicles? Let us know in the comments below!

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