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Summoners War: Sky Arena v8.1.7 update brings a new monster, new events, and more

A special event to celebrate the holiday is here!

The widely acclaimed mobile RPG, Summoners War: Sky Arena by Com2uS, celebrates the upcoming year by introducing the v8.1.7 update with a new monster and a delightful holiday event filled with bountiful rewards. Players have the opportunity to obtain Twin Angels, a duo of cherubic partners that introduce a highly distinctive combat element: two abilities per turn. Utilize this increased action capacity to fully utilize their array of support skills during battles.

Summoners War: Sky Arena v8.1.7 update: Key highlights

The Twin Angels, a new Monster addition, presents a unique dynamic in Summoners War: Sky Arena. These endearing cherubs function as a unified entity with a shared HP and Attack bar, capable of executing two skills per turn.

This innovative feature enables players to combine abilities such as “Horn of Cheer” and “Scatter Shot,” allowing for the removal of harmful effects from allies while stunning enemies in a single turn. Strategies across various elements that the Twin Angels appear in can be redefined due to this synergy.

Furthermore, a festive event, Collect Golden Holiday Decorations, has emerged in the Summoners War universe. During this holiday season until Jan. 7, 2024, Summoners engaging in different game modes will encounter Golden Holiday Decorations as part of their loot. These coveted items can be amassed by playing Scenario stages, Cairos Dungeon, Rift Dungeon, and other game modes, providing an opportunity to exchange them for valuable prizes like summon scrolls, 5-Star Rainbowmon, Grindstones, Ancient Coins, and more.

Additionally, the Monster Update Special event offers players a chance to earn rewards until January 1, 2024. Players gain points by summoning Monsters: 1 point for a drawn 3-Star Monster and 15 points for any 4-Star or higher Monster. These accumulated points can be redeemed for rewards such as Mystical Scrolls and Legendary Scrolls, both presenting a chance to summon powerful 5-star Monsters.

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