Super Dragon Punch Force 3 is an upcoming fighting game set to release in 2024

The game announcement was made ahead of the premiere of "Boy Kills World"

In anticipation of the premiere of Boy Kills World, an action-packed martial arts film featuring Bill Skarsgård‘s evolution from an orphaned warrior to an avenger, the unbridled energy of TIFF’s Midnight Madness experiences a surge. Talent Digital Art seizes the moment to announce the release of their forthcoming fighting game, Super Dragon Punch Force 3.

Boy Kills World sets the stage for Super Dragon Punch Force 3

Director Moritz Mohr’s feature-film debut, Boy Kills World, presents an explosive amalgamation of arcade games, violent comics, and martial arts cinema. In this film, Bill Skarsgård takes on the role of Boy, a character embarking on a quest for vengeance against the malevolent matriarch Hilda Van Der Koy, portrayed by Famke Janssen.

Boy’s tumultuous journey is guided by a mysterious shaman, played by Yayan Ruhian of The Raid fame, and involves confrontations with Van Der Koy’s henchmen as well as alliances with a desperate resistance group.

Boy Kills World
Image via Talent Digital Art

The movie is characterized by audacious action sequences infused with dark humor and features standout performances. Within its engaging plot, viewers will discover a nostalgic nod through an arcade game called Super Dragon Punch Force II, hinting at the first playable game in the fictitious franchise, Super Dragon Punch Force 3.

Easy to Learn, and challenging to master, Super Dragon Punch Force 3 appeals to all gamers

Super Dragon Punch Force 3 represents the debut title from Talent Digital Art. In this game, players find themselves immersed within a vibrant universe influenced by various geek cultures, where they collect and engage in battles with a diverse roster of fighters.

The title offers both single-player and multiplayer experiences across PC, iOS, and Android platforms. The game unfolds within the confines of a comic book store named Zed’s Comics, serving as the backdrop for an adrenaline-fueled realm of combat arenas. Players skillfully navigate their way through dynamic, fast-paced matches, evoking a sense of fun and fluidity.

Super Dragon Punch Force 3
Image via Talent Digital Art

Infused with contemporary influences from comic books and manga, Super Dragon Punch Force 3 pays homage to the nostalgia of arcade gaming. Scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2024, the game is poised to be accessible to newcomers while providing entertaining gameplay for enthusiasts of the fighting genre.

Super Dragon Punch Force 3 unveils QR code surprise at ‘Boy Kills World’ premiere

Amidst the chaos and excitement of “Boy Kills World,” a film paying tribute to the world of arcade gaming, emerges an exciting announcement about Super Dragon Punch Force 3. While the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) works its cinematic magic, the fusion of cinematic action and digital art promises an exhilarating journey for enthusiasts in both realms.

As a special treat for attendees of the “Boy Kills World” premiere, when the theater’s lights illuminate the room, the audience will be in for a surprise. This surprise includes a QR code for Super Dragon Punch Force 3. Those who scan the QR code and register will not only receive updates about the game in the upcoming months but will also gain access to a unique in-game skin, exclusively available to TIFF attendees and early supporters.

Are you excited about the Super Dragon Punch Force 3 release announcement made at the premiere of Boy Kills World? Let us know in the comments below!

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