Supercell confirmed Clash of Clans Town Hall 13 Update

Clash of Clans is dropping a new Town Hall 13 Update this December. They released a teaser video on their YouTube Channel to promote it. The video itself doesn’t specify what will come, but there are enough speculations out for the Town Hall 13 update! BuT wHat can 1t m3an?

Town Hall 13 Update Teaser

In case you missed it, the video is filled with the number 13 in various forms, from the unit formation forming a 13 to the structures built in roman numerals showing XIII.

New hero, structures and units?

clash of clans town hall 13, coc th13 update
Clash of Clans Town Hall 13 Update

The video shows a picture of three characters, but if you look closely you’ll notice a fourth one that was being ripped out. This mysterious person is wearing some blue and white clothes.

Players may see a new flying object in the game as well. The shadow is seen far away in the sky floating, so it’s hard to tell what it could be. Also on the pinboard is a piece of paper with a building filled in black with a question mark on top. Perhaps, even more, is coming and we just haven’t noticed everything yet!

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When will Town Hall 13 release in Clash of Clans?

This December for sure. The date was not officially specified yet, but we are assuming it will be December 13th, since the video was all about that number.

People are already making their own speculations and trying to decipher whatever is going on with that update. It will definitely be worth the wait!

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