Supercell might be developing a third-person shooter game


Finnish game developer Supercell has been busy this year with a lot of game developments, one of them being the recently launched Squad Busters. Amidst all these, one thing that caught the attention of many players is the snippet of what seems to be a new development of a third-person shooter game from Supercell.

Supercell might be trying to place their foothold on different genres

In a recent video shared on its official YouTube platform, Supercell mentioned its aim to create memorable games played for years by empowering creative teams. The company’s culture emphasizes team autonomy and diverse ideas to drive innovation and adds that it remains excited about the potential for more social and connected mobile gaming experiences. Supercell cover, beta first impressions
Image via Supercell

Now, what caught my attention is a particular video clip of a character shooting. At timestamp 2:50 in the video, It was a 3-D rendering and the controls looked neat, although the tester/developer was seen playing on a PC. This environment wasn’t seen in any other game, nor the controls. Well, this is some deliberate hinting from their end to say “hey, we are creating this game, but we’ll keep you under wraps”.

Although this was the same clipping that was shared back in October 2023 by TBD Media Group, which was codenamed “boatgame”, I believe the development has some relation with the new project and six new job openings for its Shanghai office last December.

At the time, I did speculate during the time of the announcement that it could be related to their monster-hunting action RPG, now there might be chances of it to be a different game by looking at the snippet. The role of Combat Animator was something I thought of, again, but now action combat from a small portion of video clipping seems to be like it.

Overall, the interest factor on this is pretty much high, surely. Supercell hasn’t done a dedicated shooter just yet, and with, they are still testing the waters on RPG elements. So if this is a 3D shooter with characters from the Clash Universe, it’s bound to be a blast.

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