Supercell shares an emotional clip as the company enters 2nd decade

Expect another decade of fun and entertainment!

Popular mobile game developer and publisher Supercell recently shared an emotional yet witty minute-and-a-half clip on its social media handles. In the video titled ‘Supercell: For Everyone‘, the team showed gratitude to the fans as well the team behind it, crediting the success of this decade to them all. Along with this, Supercell also indicated its wish to grow even bigger as the company enters the 2nd decade.

Supercell: For Everyone

On 26th October 2020, the Supercell team shared a clip where characters for all its five active games; Hay Day, Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Clash Royale, and Brawl Stars appeared together in an animated yet emotional ‘thank you’ clip. The video showcased how each of their games run, with the help of animated game clips. Also, the clip had cut scenes of some of their popular animated shorts like Lost and Crowned, along with few seconds of real-life faces. These include the behind the scenes work of a game, and also fans playing the company’s games on their devices.

As a promise, Supercell also added the tagline ‘We make games for everyone, for years, forever.’ This also gives us the message that Supercell is for the fans, and the team is thankful for what the fans have given them. A promise of delivering more entertainment to the masses across the world is made via this clip, for years to come, and maybe forever.

What the fans had to say

After the clip was shared, many fans expressed their opinions. They thanked the team and expressed their gratitude for giving them a decade of entertainment. Although there weren’t many critical opinions, some expect to see changes in their beloved games. In this space, we collected some of the best wishes and messages to the Supercell team by their fans:

Supercell enters 2nd decade

Supercell enters 2nd decade: What to expect?

A fresh decade, Supercell will definitely try to get their name up by releasing more games. As we know Supercell, they are pretty popular with the test and chop policy, as they have discontinued more number of games compared to the currently running. They have always been listing to their vocal fans, and have adapted some suggestions into their game. We don’t expect a change in pattern this decade too.

What we would want Supercell to do is to create something new. ‘Strategy’ is one area that they have been constantly earning more fans, and sadly they haven’t explored beyond that, yet. They need to think out of the box and try to play tunes to other game genres as well. On the other hand, the five running games haven’t seen many changes yet, and fans are pressuring hard to see a change in their respective games. While we have no idea what might come as a surprise to us fans, the expectations of Supercell delivering another decade of fun and entertainment is a hundred percent.

What is your opinion on the Supercell: For Everyone clip as the company enters the 2nd decade? Mention it in the comment section below!

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