Supernova Football: Wildlife Studios’ arcade soccer game launches on Android in selected regions

Assemble your 5 man squad and aim for success!

Supernova Football is a 5v5 football game developed by Wildlife Studios and currently available in Brazil on Google Play. The game as of now is only available in selected regions like Brazil further down the line it could be expected that the game could make a local entrance in other regions as well.

The game although having many options and football tactics in place is very easy to play for the starters. The game trailer gives us great insights into how the gameplay would be. Following are the features this game offers

Supernova Football offers a tactical 5V5 Gameplay

Supernova Football android, Supernova Football
Image via Wildlife Studios

The game offers each team to consist of 5 players, who these football players have to be, what formation the team should follow, and what sort of gameplan the team should follow, all these game-defining options rest with the players playing the game. The game banks on fast-paced gameplay with each game being different from the other.

The game focuses on Team building and Cohesion

Supernova Football android, Supernova Football
Image via Wildlife Studios

In football, your team is your biggest weapon, even if you have crazy match-managing skills like Guardiola but don’t have good players in your team, it will greatly hamper your chance of succeeding in the match. However, Supernova Football has a huge pool of talented players for you to choose from which would ease up the pressure on your shoulders.

Formations can define your moments

Once you have built your team your work as a manager has just started, and your tactics off the field would define your moments on the field, be sure to utilize each player in the squad to their utmost potential. With a 5 man squad whether it should be 3-1-1 or 2-1-2, it will be your choice to make.

The game looks promising and exciting, it is there to be seen when and will Supernova Football make a global debut as of now the game is only available on Google Play in selected regions.

What are your thoughts on Supernova Football is currently available on Android in selected regions? Do let us know in the comments below!

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