Suspects: Mystery Mansion: Wildlife Studios has released a new social deduction game

The game features the iconic character roster of Zooba!

Wildlife Studios has just released its newest action title, Suspects: Mystery Mansion. The game revolves around social deduction through player interaction, featuring the iconic character roster of Zooba. Incidentally, Zooba is also a part of the company’s biggest hits. Suspects: Mystery Mansion is set in an all-new setting, expanding the world of these colorful characters.

Gameplay Overview

Suspects: Mystery Mansion invites the player to solve a murder mystery in a mansion. One is expected to play online with the other 9 players, where players can perform different investigations to find out the real murderer. The interesting fact is that the killers are among the group. They are the people who will try to bring a stop to the investigation. Discussions and voting would take place between rounds, to evict a murderer from the mansion. These discussions include several observations from different players which include questions such as who was accompanying whom, who was acting suspiciously, etc.

Suspects Mystery Mansion released
Three different roles will be assigned to the players

The discussions carried out could result in a fruitful action, if a killer is evicted from the mansion by vote. If one innocent guest is voted out of the mansion, the job of the killers will become a lot easier. One can choose to play Suspects with your friends and family, or the player could be matched with someone with a similar skill level. The meeting can be carried out with the help of the integrated voice chat feature, which is ought to make things more interesting.

New maps, tasks and additional features in future updates!

A complete and immersive experience for its audience, Wildlife Studios has also set up a partner program to work together with the content creators for Suspects. They will be entitled to a portion of the revenue generated by their exclusive codes. Suspects: Mystery Mansion is now available on the App Store and Google Play.

What sets Suspects apart are the charismatic characters, integrated voice chat tools, and monthly updates. We have a team of engineers and artists working on continuous new content.

Julio Cho, Game Director at Wildlife

What are your opinions on Suspects: Mystery Mansion being released? Are you planning to play it? Do let us know in the comments!

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