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Sword Master Story surpasses 6 million downloads globally across app stores

A massive milestone for the K-Indie Game!

Sword Master Story has received over 6 million downloads and was once more highlighted by Google in April 2023. It consistently receives top ratings, holding an average rating of 4.6, and has been chosen numerous times as one of the recommended games in both the Google and Apple stores.

Along with Sword Master Story, SuperPlanet is renowned for producing well-liked independent mobile games including Evil Hunter Tycoon and Idle Guardians. SuperPlanet, which has generated worldwide sales of more than $75,000, recently succeeded in receiving its first investment in March and has made announcements on the expansion of its international IP business.

Sword Master Story
Image via SuperPlanet

Sword Master Story, the result of a fruitful collaboration between the production company CodeCat and the publisher SuperPlanet, is a testament to the endurance of independent games and is renowned for drawing in players from all over the world with its magnificent fights and alluring goddesses.

Sword Master Story celebrates 6 million downloads with a new character and exciting events

Eros, a new character and Goddess of Love and Desire, has also been revised and was inspired by the idea of Cupid. She is referred to as the rascal of Olympus and uses her two arrows to aid allies and harm adversaries.

When Eros has numerous archer heroes on the team, players can put together a more powerful party. Her passive ability, Spirit of Love and Immortality, enhances allies’ health and defense significantly and stacks up to five times. Eros’ bonus active skill damage, additional boss damage, and allies’ attack power are all increased by Goddess of Love.

Sword Master Story Eros
Image via SuperPlanet

The character voices and visuals are quite lovely, and players from all around the world are posting positive reviews like “The Goddesses appearing in pixels during the battles are very cute!” In celebration of the arrival of spring, Sword Master Story is holding several events in its official community such as Find the color pink! Event, Ressources x3 Event, Eros Screenshot Event, and many others.

What are your thoughts about Sword Master Story crossing 6 million global downloads? Let us know in the comments below!

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